Happy hrs at Gurgaon Offices! Yay, or Nay?


The Haryana government has recently implemented a new liquor policy, allowing offices to obtain a license (L-10F) for selling low-content alcoholic beverages like wine and beer within their premises. We spoke to corporate employees in Gurgaon to gauge their opinions on whether this would lead to after-office parties on-site or if they would feel uncomfortable with such a policy.

‘Cold Help in Building Camaraderie; Could Also Lead to Decreased Productivity

Opinions on this matter are varied. Some believe that allowing alcohol in the workplace could create a more relaxed and social environment, potentially fostering camaraderie and facilitating team building. However, others express concerns about the potential drawbacks of serving alcohol at work. They point out that it could result in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, workplace accidents, and even the risk of alcohol abuse or addiction among employees.

Considering these contrasting perspectives, it is crucial for companies to thoughtfully weigh the potential risks and benefits before implementing such policies. Establishing clear guidelines and policies regarding the use of alcohol on the premises is essential. This includes educating employees about responsible drinking and implementing measures to ensure their safety and well-being.

By carefully considering the potential consequences and taking proactive measures, companies can strike a balance that encourages a positive work culture while addressing the potential risks associated with alcohol consumption in the workplace. Ultimately, the success of implementing such policies depends on careful planning, open communication, and a commitment to prioritizing the welfare and professionalism of employees.

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