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Here’s The Blueprint For Your New Online Poker Event Plan!

We are a top online poker news website named India Poker News, and we are writing this article to put forward a blueprint for your new online poker event plan. This discussion comprises some top online poker event ideas and a small overview of how to build a poker table. (The latter can come in handy especially if you are organizing live poker). We would be open to your online poker event questions in our comments section below.

Online poker is the way forward in India and so is an online poker event plan. Passionate poker players are the key to any such grand event and with any BIG prize pool that it may offer, the number of participants only increases. If you are looking to create your own thing, we are here to power them with some trendy ideas too.


A crucial part of any such event is its planning. This planning comprises decisions about prize pool, number of players expected, logistics, and internet bandwidth. As per the prize pool, we suggest that you play safe and look at the number of participants that you expect to gather. Add a sane percentage to this number and that should sail you through the worrying aspect of prize pool itself. We suggest you follow the same for posting Blinds limit too.

The number of players can be best judged by pre-registration. This comes handy because you can judge how many players can come for the same and if your event or brand is popular enough? Some players may even ask you silly online poker event questions too, and we recommend that you maintain your professionalism while dealing with them.

Logistics includes the internet, its bandwidth, its speed and the servers that you would use during the execution of your online poker event plan. We suggest you have specialists handling this section because any lapse here would only make the matters go waste.

How to build a poker table?

If you have a live event, make sure to ask for online pre-registration, put professionals to assist with setting things up, for smooth functioning and to declare the winners. This makes a big difference. The same needs to be followed for chip management too.

Online poker doesn’t allow much space for micromanagement. One can simply set the above things up and let his online poker event ideas run the show from there on!

The big deal is the money part- the organizers need to have their most responsible professionals at the right place at the right time! No compromises here could be taken easily.

One of the top online poker event questions is…

One of the top online poker event questions is about ‘Food and Drinks’ at the live venue. We suggest that the organizers keep a handy note of what they are offering as a way to answer the fall in the steam of players. It is advisable to have some light drinks and easy snacks near the tables. One can also put attendants near the tables for the same.

We hope you liked our article ongoing about an online poker event plan and our online poker event ideas! We would wait for your comments and suggestions in the space provided below.

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