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How an Order Management System Improves a Wholesale Business

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that B2B order management, as well as fulfillment, stands out as a major component of successful supply chains, for small businesses and large businesses alike. In the 21st century, there are a plethora of tools to turn to, and it’s no wonder that businesses that wish to grow to face a lot of transaction and communication challenges, especially when it comes to ordering systems for businesses.

A major problem for small businesses that deal with wholesale orders to identify three major challenges related with proper order management and fulfillment, these including the explosion of order along with delivery channels, the complexity of the supply chains, and the expectations of consumers and customers. However, thanks to order management systems and technology, this makes may for businesses to better manage their sales, and maneuver through the complex wholesale selling business landscape.

Order Management Systems

One of the best ways to ensure a change in your wholesale business model is to introduce an online ordering system, especially for B2B customers. This way, wholesale customers will be able to create their orders online, all set on their requirements. This not only helps to save time for the sales team, but it also helps different managers to oversee the entire sales process and make sure that it meets the expectations of individual customers. In return, this minimizes the risks of skipping important details related to orders.

Even though this remains a trend with B2C firms for quite some time now, it’s a growing demand for the B2B business landscape to also demand to have a smooth online experience. According to the report by Sales force’s State of the Connected Customer, they predict that by the year 2020, the B2B buyers (about 75%) will expect companies to anticipate all their needs, and be able to make relevant suggestions.

In such cases, personalized order fulfillment is a vital consideration from both B2B and B2C businesses.

How Proper Order Management Tools Will Help

In simple terms, online order management tools for wholesale businesses, such as Order Circle work ways to help empower wholesale customers to place bulk orders at anytime online and receive them on time as well through their B2B e-commerce store.

Here’s how turning to smart solutions like these can transform your wholesale business.

1.     Saves Time

It’s a fact that every minute B2B sales team spend on their admin, that’s another minute could have spent on closing deals and nurturing better leads. For most customers, placing orders over the phone is quite time-consuming. Through the right order management system for wholesale businesses, sales teams can spend more of their time on selling and a lesser time on general admin.

2.     Shared Information in Real-Time

In a wholesale business, it’s important to have multiple salespeople working together on different sales channels. With a wholesale selling tool, it makes it easier to share information in real-time. Definitely, the last thing you would want to expect is having wrong batches of products going to different customers.

Since dealing with wholesale customers is a task that requires dealing with bulk volumes, having real-time access to stock levels is imperative. Using a B2B wholesale selling tool to automate the communication process and have better speed and accuracy is an ideal choice to boost businesses.

3.     Eliminating the Risks for Human Errors

In a manual setup, sales coming in through several, multiple sales channels can turn out to be a confusing prospect, especially with the number of bulk orders. This will only push people to struggle and fight their way through phone calls, texts, and various options to get their word across. However, the good thing is that with smart order management systems or tools, wholesale customers get the chance to access direct information about the current stock levels, and stay up to date with the order placement processes.

In B2B businesses, this helps to encourage better transparency, especially in the sales and it allows wholesale customers to have the right to access their present and historical order information.

4.     Empower Customers

In terms of self-service, you should never underestimate its importance. Letting customers access wholesale portals whenever convenient for them is something that empowers them. When it comes down to this, customers are also busy. Through an inventory management solution, this eliminates the time spent on doing the ordering paperwork, which frees up their time and improves their experience.

5.     A Better Experience for Customers

In B2B businesses, customers wish to know what they have to do in the procurement process with better assistance. However, in most cases, wholesalers already know the products they wish to order swiftly, and usually, they want to place the orders as soon as possible. Ordering online through wholesale software will free up the need to contact customer support every now and then.

As you can see, order management systems help to improve wholesale businesses in several ways. Choose the best one you feel is right, and watch how B2B experience changes the way a wholesale business operates.

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