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How Can I Drive Traffic to My Site in Short Time

“From targeting long-tail keywords to writing tempting headlines, you can increase the traffic to your website in many ways. The key is to follow the algorithm and pay immense importance to search engine optimization.”

How Can I Drive Traffic to My Site in Short Time

Digital marketing has given rise to a new era of advertising. It has brought with it concepts that are not only different from traditional marketing practices but also take time to understand. Moreover, it requires a lot of tactical learning in order to succeed in this field. But one does not have a choice but to adopt digital marketing to promote the business as it is all the rage these days. And it is not easy to learn the tactics and ask you to be patient. However, it is not impossible either. It is crucial for you to hire experts and give them access to good Internet service like Frontier Internet. Although, if you think it will be heavy on your pocket, there is always an option to outsource. However, if you hire your own digital marketing team, you can incorporate the following tips to drive traffic to your site:


I cannot stress enough on the importance of marking your presence on social media. There are millions of users on social media networking websites. And it is the perfect venue for you to promote or advertise your business on. Put your content on these sites to increase traffic on your site. However, you need to be careful when posy=ting on these sites. Because the type of content that can be posted on Instagram might not gain followers or viewers if posted on your Facebook page. For this, you should be very clear in your mind as to what type of content is suitable for each social media site. For example:

  • To share short or tempting links, you would have to use your Twitter account
  • To post videos, Snapchat and Facebook would be the right option

This is upon you to decide. And once you have a clear understanding, you can tailor the content according to each social media website’s needs. Your choice would also depend on the nature of our business, i.e. B2B or B2C.

Tempting Headlines

Nothing convinces the viewers more to read or view a content more than an irresistible headline. So, you should invest time in mastering the art of writing catchy headlines that attract the viewers towards your content. However, if it is not your cup of it, you can always hire experts to work for you. And it might seem easy but coming up with an eye-catching headline is the toughest part. You will often find yourself writing fifteen to twenty different headlines only to reject them all later. So, it requires creativity as well as patience to come up with a unique heading.

On-Page SEO

You need to pay attention to SEO. Because it still holds a lot of importance when it comes to the ranking of your website. And this means that you have to pay attention to individual pages of the website and optimize them accordingly. Apply SEO tactics to every page to bring it to a good rank. Some of the things that you should pay attention to are:

  • Image alt text
  • Internal links
  • Meta description

If you cater to all of the above-mentioned areas, the organic traffic to your website will increase at a rapid rate.

Use Hashtags

All those people who thought to post pictures or videos with hashtags was a mere fun activity, think again. Your content can actually get viewed by numerous amounts of people if you use the trending hashtags related to your post. The searches these days are not solely based on the name of a person or a place. Individuals actually look for the trending hashtags and the related posts as well. Under such scenario, if your content incorporates the most famous (yet relatable) hashtags, chances of it popping up in the first few places are high. This will increase the viewership that might translate into increased sales for your business.

Long-Tail Keywords

Although the majority of the people are lazy and search for short-tail keywords, it is difficult to rank for them. Opt for the short-tail keywords only when you have the resources to fight against the clutter. Otherwise, try to rank your website against long-tail keywords. You have more chances of getting a higher ranking if you do so. And a higher rank, by default, translates into more traffic. In fact, according to researches, people are using more specific search terms (long-tail keywords) lately.

Hello LinkedIn, My New Friend

If you thought that LinkedIn is a mere professional social networking site, you are wrong. Because it has become a platform where businesses advertise as well. Scrolling through your LinkedIn account, you might have come across articles and advertisements similar to that on Facebook. That is LinkedIn for you now. And you should not ignore this platform at all. This will help boost traffic to your site. Apart from that, it will also aid in increasing your profile within your own industry.

However, the list does not exhaust here. You can choose from any one of the following tactics as well if you want to increase traffic to your site:

  • Make sure the loading speed of your site is fast just like the high-speed Internet offered by Frontier Service
  • Invest in referrals
  • Participate in the ‘comments’ section actively
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