How Covid-19 Affected Education and Role of E-Learning


Well, it is true that Covid-19 has affected education and changed it forever. This pandemic of Covid-19 has closed the schools all around the world. This is the reason more than 1.2 billion students are out of classrooms the days. Dramatically education is changed in some previous months. E-learning is promoted all over the world due to this pandemic of Covid-19.

Effect of Covid-19 on Education:

Digital platforms have been introduced to cope with lockdowns and to continue the education of students so that they can easily take their classes from their homes. Well, E-learning played a major role in the continuation of the studies, but at the same time, it is responsible for the retention of the information, to make it fast and less time-consuming.

In a total of 186 countries, there are more than 1.2 Billion children, and due to the pandemic of Covid-19, their classrooms have been shifted to online mediums of E-learning. The education market of the whole world is affected by it.  There was already technology adoption in education, but after Covid-19, the rate of technology adoption is greatly increased.

The response of the Education Sector to Covid-19:

A large amount of investment is made on online learning software, language apps, tools for videoconferencing, and virtual tutoring. Many online learning platforms offer free access to learning services. BYJU’s is one of those great learning platforms for students. Many media organizations are also powering virtual learning, and one of those reputable media organizations is the BBC.

Future of Education with E-learning:

Well, if we consider the future of education with E-learning, then it has significant benefits, but suddenly moving to E-learning without any experience was an awful experience for many tutors and students. Feedbacks of many online tutors have been analyzed along with their students about E-learning. There was many positive feedbacks on E-learning and some e-learning platforms.

It was noticed that the efficiency of tasks and proficiency of tutors were increased on E-learning. The future of education with E-learning is observed with many significant benefits, and we are looking ahead for it.

Challenges for students and tutors of E-learning:

Well, you all know that tutors and students faced a lot of challenges at the sudden shifting of classes to online platforms. Many overcome these challenges, but most of the students who don’t have internet access or weak internet access face a lot of problems but finally came up with overcoming their challenges.

It is true that many students from underdeveloped countries even did not have a computer to work on. Many students were not very good at using online media, and they faced a lot of problems too. It was a good step in some countries’ governments and schools to provide some digital equipment for the online classes to students.

Role of E-learning:

Well, this was all about Covid-19 and E-learning, but now I am going to discuss the role of E-learning in the education of students. You will come to know about the importance of E-learning for students. Here are some benefits of E-learning:

  • Everyone’s needs can be fulfilled by E-learning?
  • Students can take lectures more than one time
  • Topics and lessons are quickly delivered as compared to traditional methods
  • E-learning is a quick and reliable way of learning?
  1. Everyone’s needs can be fulfilled by E-learning?

Well yes, E-learning can indeed fulfill everyone’s need by providing various platforms and advanced features like watching later, time flexibility, online recording of lectures to understand or revise again, and even sharing class media is very easy with some flexible and reliable platforms. This is not essential for everyone to enjoy everything, but this is originally something worthy

2. Students can take lectures more than one time:

This is a very cool move of online learning. There are different types of students in the class. Some can learn concepts only but watching or listening for the very first time. Still, some may need to revise lectures again, and this is an online learning and online lecture uploaded by many schools and universities for students to watch again.

3.Topics and lessons are quickly delivered as compared to traditional methods:

Well, E-learning is considered quick learning for students, and tutors think it as a perfect method for students to learn something quickly. Studies were hard in the past as students don’t have advanced mediums to study. These days E-learning made it very easy for everyone to learn something new and better. Many free online courses are offered for students and for tutors too.

4.E-learning is a quick and reliable way of learning?

Yes, E-learning is a reliable way not only for students but as well as for tutors. Many consider it innovative media that is only good to hear about, and they will never dare to try it. You all know everything offered in E-learning is reliable for all, as it has no time limits and restrictions.

This is quick because courses of years are done by e-learning only in months.

Ame Linda
Ame Linda
Ame Linda is Studied at King's College, Pennsylvania and currently living in New York, USA. She is a popular news content writer and currenly working and news editor at Storify News.


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