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How Credit Unions Help at the End

Belco Community Credit Union offers retirement services to make the end of working life comfortable.

Harrisburg, PA, Oct 25, 2018 – When people want to retire after working their whole lives, one of the biggest questions is simply have they worked and saved enough to retire the way they want? The best way to feel confident about this question is to start saving and preparing early.

Belco Community Credit Union has a retirement service that seeks to help their members prepare for retirement with confidence. They understand that retirees need enough to live on, and can help make that happen through the retirement and investment services they offer.

Belco has a needs-based approach for every member, which gathers information about the member’s job, salary, retirement goals, and any other needs through phone calls and face to face conversations.

Then both the member and Belco study the results of their conversations, and a financial plan is put in place to maximize the resources the member is able to contribute. The member can see and review the plan before it is put into action.

After that, the credit union will continue to review this customized plan and offer advice on financial decisions or questions the member may have. If an emergency arises that is either within the member’s control (such as a sickness or loss of a job) or is not in the member’s control (such as an economy change), Belco will support their members and monitor the program, making any changes to ensure the financial goals can still be met.

In addition, the first consultation is free, allowing for members to meet and greet their customer service representatives with no pressure and decide if they want the retirement and investment services Belco has to offer. If so, then the plan will move forward, and so will the member’s retirement goals. With Belco Credit Union, members can trust that they have found the most comfortable way to live well through the end of their working life – and beyond.

About Belco Community Credit Union

Belco Community Credit Union provides unparalleled excellence through its variety of products including members-only checking, savings, loans, business services, and investment vehicles. To find out more about Belco Community Credit Union, visit

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