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How Indians Can Obtain a Visa on Arrival at Dubai International Airport?

Prerequisite visa is necessary when you travel offshore. But the parameters differ from country to country. It depends on what type of visa you need and from where you belong. To know more about visa and its requirements, you can connect with Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi.

Depending on the country you belong to and you are travelling, visa requirements are different. There are some places which ask for no visa before travelling to that country. Similarly, countries like Dubai, Thailand and many other places proffer a visa on arrival. There are many ways to apply for a Dubai visa. SDMS Dubai Visa proffers glimpse of all the ways you can apply for a Dubai tourist visa.

Go Online to Apply and Pay for UAE Visa:

With the help of Emirates Visa Consultant, Indians can apply for prearranged UAE visa without any hassle. If you are planning a short trip or stopping over Dubai, you can submit an application online and get a Dubai visa through online only. You need not submit your passport for stamping also.

Other Convenient Ways to Apply:

If you do not want to go online, you can make a visit to any of the emirates visa processing centre. Emirates offers visa in India at a number of locations. For relatives staying at UAE can also apply for a visa on your behalf. But this facility is applicable for UAE resident only.

Visa on Arrival:

Dubai also offers visa on arrival facility for selected nationalities only. If you are from those countries you no need to make advance visa arrangements. You just need to disembark at Dubai Airport and proceed towards the immigration counter. Here you can apply for 30 days visit visa free of charge.

But if you are from India then you need to hold an American visa as well. If you have a valid US visa or a green card, you can get 2 weeks UAE visa free of charge. Without any prearrangement, you can have a 14 days Dubai visa.

Dubai Immigration Process:

To talk about security measures at Dubai Airport, they are randomly eye-scanning suspected visitors. During the eye-scanning process, they need to have the hard copy of the visa and passport. Visa assistance for Dubai will help you throughout the process.

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