How to Choose an Oil Painting for Your Home


Oil is one of the most treasured paint mediums, beloved for its depth and diversity. Many who enjoy this medium seek to find paintings that can be displayed in their homes. It can be difficult, however, to know what paintings to choose for display, and where those paintings should be hung. If you are one of these people, we’ve got some tips for you. We’re going to dive in and give you some tips for finding the perfect oil painting for your home.

How to Choose an Oil Painting for Your Home

Coordinating Schemes

It’s likely that you are choosing artwork for rooms that are already furnished. These rooms have existing schemes that should be considered when choosing artwork. You’ll want to find oil paintings that have colors and textures that match the scheme of the room. This way, you’ll avoid having to significantly change the room if things don’t match. 

You can look for coordinating schemes in a variety of ways. You may look for paintings that have colors that match your furniture or decor. You may also look at particular patterns that go well with the patterns already existing in the room. While patterns don’t need to match exactly, try not to let the painting clash with another item. 


Choose an Oil Painting for Your Home

Much like furnishings, it’s important to examine the quality of artwork before you choose to purchase it. A painting doesn’t need to be expensive to be of good quality, it’s totally okay to buy cheap paintings and they can be a beautiful addition to your home without forcing you to empty your bank account. While serious art collectors may choose to purchase oil paintings from famous artists, the average person would do better to purchase a quality reproduction. 

For works from unknown artists, look for signs of technical skill in the painting. Look for works that exhibit good use of proportions and color, as well as steady brush strokes. What’s considered high-quality will look different across different painting styles, but looking for these general ideas will help you choose a painting worth hanging in your home. 

How to Choose an Oil Painting


The size of the painting you choose will depend heavily on the size and shape of the room in which it will be displayed. A small bathroom, for example, would not be the room in which to display a full-length painting. It would take up too much room and would cause the space to feel overcrowded. 

If you’re looking to choose a painting for a large room, find artwork that is large enough to capture the room. For smaller rooms, stick to proportional artworks and limit the size of the frame in which they are hung. A frame that significantly protrudes from the wall is more likely to get knocked down in a smaller room, where it’s easier to bump into things. 

Express Yourself 

Choose an Oil Painting

It’s often recommended to keep your furniture and flooring relatively neutral and express yourself through the decorations that you choose. Art is ultimately about expression, so have fun with the pieces you choose. The paintings in your home should serve as a reflection of yourself, and echo your interests. 

Don’t be afraid to get a bit “out there” with when you buy art for your home. A traditional painting on canvas landscape is gorgeous but it might not fit your home. Modern art and abstract art are especially popular right now since the colors, subjects, and designs vary so much. 

Choosing oil paintings for your home is a great way to express yourself and complete a room scheme. It can take some time to find the right pieces, but the hunt is absolutely worth it when you happen upon the perfect oil painting. 

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