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How to Choose Crop Tops for Every Body Type

Gone are the days when only super skinny women or those with a flat stomach could rock the trendy crop top. Today, your shape and size cannot decide whether you should wear this piece of clothing or not, only you can. So make some room in your wardrobe for this fashion staple as we are going to give you a few tips on how you can flaunt designer crop tops, regardless of how much you weigh on the weighing scale.

For those with A Pear-Shaped Figure-

If your hips are larger than your bust, an elegant neck and proportionally slim shoulders and arms, you belong to the pear shaped category. Since your waist is your best asset, you can flaunt it with a well fitted crop top. If you have a narrow chest, going in for a lighter color makes it look more expansive. Pair your crop top with jeans that fall at your natural waist and you are good to go. Pick crop tops that are structure rather than figure hugging.

For those with A Curvy Body-

If you have a curvy or hourglass body type, you possess a narrow waist and wider hips, bust and thighs. A crop top that ends right at your natural waist (since it is the narrowest part of your waist) helps flatter this body type no end. Pair it with an A-line skirt or a below the knee pencil skirt and you are sure to grab eyeballs for all the right reasons.

For all the Plus Size Women-

Who says those plus size women cannot don a crop top? They most certainly can after all picking the right kind of tailored crop top helps since it helps to enhance your shape and accentuate your assets. A short midi crop top works best for this body type but make certain it is not too loose or too tight. Pair this with a high waist skirt to complete the look. Throwing on a vest helps add a smart level of layering to your ensemble and gives a slimming effect.

The Inverted Triangle Body Type-

If your bottom half is smaller than your top and you possess flat hips with a straight and squared shoulder line, you have an inverted triangle body type. A halter crop top works as a savior for women with wide shoulders and narrow hips. Opt for well fitted crop tops since they reduce the width of the torso and chest. Team this with a skirt that adds volume and you are sure to rock any occasion.

The Athletic Body Type-

For those with an athletic build or rectangular body type, you know that your shoulders and hip measurements are more or less the same and your weight is distributed evenly throughout the body. You can never make a fashion faux pas with a crop top in this body type. Go in for slightly loose crop tops. For a more flattering effect, opt for midriff baring crop tops and pair this with a skirt, pants and shorts of your choice. It works to define your waist and enhance your curves.

The Petite Body Frame-

Petite can be all body types. You can be short all over, have curvy hips, big bust and even have long legs. It’s just that you have a smaller frame. For those with a petite body type, wearing a well structured crop top with a lifted hem at the centre is ideal. It gives the impression that you possess longer legs. Pair this with high waist straight pants and same colored shoes that work to elongate the frame and you are sure to rock any occasion.

So there you have it, crop tops for every body type. Be sure to follow these to the T and you are sure to own any crop top look with panache and flair.

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