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How to Deck Up Your 30-Something Bridesmaids for Your Wedding

Have you finally decided to tie the knot after staying single and dating for the last thirty-five to forty years of your life? Well, better late than never! But a late marriage also means a well-established and successful career, less worrying about the future, and more confidence about the sort of life you want with your partner ahead. Try and look at the positives and get going with the wedding preparations. However, this poses a little problem when it comes to choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids who are the same age as you or even older. You can no longer pick anything and everything for them because they are no longer carefree, chirpy little teenagers with the most perfect body ever. A woman is like wine; the older, the better but as much as you adore and respect this graceful change, there is also a change that comes in the way you dress. So, you must pick your bridesmaid dresses accordingly.

There are a couple of places where you can not just buy stunning bridesmaid dresses but also get them made in a customised manner. Go through the feedback of the brand and then pick one for yourself. In order to help you get rid of any kind of confusion regarding the kind of dresses you will pick for your divas, here, we have put together a few kinds of bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for the 30-something bridesmaids too. Take a look.

  • Mermaid Style Gowns in Sheer Torso & Long Sleeves

Just because your girls’ squad is above 30 does not mean that they cannot be fashionable or wear something trendy. So, one of the most gorgeous styles to pick for your lovely divas is the mermaid bridesmaid dresses. Since this style is known for hugging your silhouette and highlighting the curves of your body, it is better that you pick this style if all your leading ladies are in the best shape of their lives. This will accentuate their figure and help them create a signature style statement. If you want to make it look a little elegant, then you can try choosing these dresses in long, sheer sleeves with little lacework and the similar sheer finish torso while the lower half and the fishtail sweeping across the floor should be simple and in a single color.

  • Sequined Dresses in Short Sleeves & Scoop Neck

Do you want something a little more glamorous and yet not want to make it too dramatic? Then, you can opt for the sequin bridesmaid dresses. The sequins add a glamorous touch to the whole look but since you don’t want the boldness in the look, pick a simple cut and style for the dress. You can choose the long, scoop-neckline and short sleeves to cut down on the boldness and drama. Keep it simple and yet full of bling.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these amazing styles and let your lovely girl brigade rule your wedding like a queen.

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