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How to Organize Corporate Party During Covid 19 for Branding

In the last few months, we have noticed a lot of changes in human behavior, education, social events, and business operations. It is possible that we would have to see more changes as the scenario in the US and other countries of the world. Due to a few relaxations, operating businesses has become possible, and most businesses are running their operations.

For branding/marketing, business owners host a corporate party. If you are one of them, you need to be very careful, as organizing a corporate party during Covid 19 for branding is a challenging job. You have to make several arrangements so that you can safeguard your guests from the coronavirus infection. Here are some useful steps for your assistance:

Follow the guidelines of your local authority

In the US, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has offered guidelines on how to hold commercial events and gatherings. It makes changes in its offered guidelines as per the prevailing coronavirus spread and allows local authorities to implement the same in their jurisdictions. They have allowed small gatherings with social distance for commercial events. You need to know what your local authority says on it and get permission for organizing a corporate event.

Be ready for virtual event

Currently, some states in the US have strict restrictions. So, you might not get permission to host a corporate event for marketing your business. In such a case, you should be open to other options such as virtual events. You can arrange live screening of your corporate party for all your associates and probable customers.

For virtual branding, you can plan a killer virtual event strategy that could include defining your audience, selecting a virtual platform, and getting a website with the right landing page for your virtual event. Further, you should use compelling content (texts, images, audios, videos, infographics, etc.) and your business associates.  

Move ahead for organizing physical corporate party for branding

If you get permission for your corporate event for your business promotion from the local authority, you need to make all the arrangements to follow the guidelines. Try to choose the part of your city that has no Covid-19 patients. Sanitize the venue whether you hold the corporate party in your city or any other part of the world. From seating arrangements to dining, ensure to have all the safety tools such as Covid 19 safety signs, sanitizers, and facemasks at the venue of your corporate event.

With the appropriate use of signs, you can easily guide your audience to follow the norms of social distance. These signs direct them how to wear facemasks and where to sanitize their hands before entering into the main venue of the commercial event you will hold for your branding. 

Select the right promotional product for branding

To market a business in a corporate party, you can come across many promotional products. Some of them might be expensive for you, and organizing a commercial event for branding might be too expensive. Selecting custom water bottles for your branding will be reasonable for you. By sticking custom labels on water bottles and using the customized bottled water, you can easily promote your business. You have just to place personalized water bottles on all the tables and your audience will use the same whenever they feel thirst. While drinking water from those bottles, your audience can easily know your business name and contact details in brief. 

Do screening of the audience

In any corporate event, only invited people are allowed to enter the premises. You should do a brief health checkup of your invitees at the entrance even if you were very conscious while inviting them. At the entrance, you can check temperature and find out they have any health issues. It would be best not to allow the sick to be present in your corporate party.    

Try to keep the party short

There is a possibility of health risks even if you have followed all the set guidelines of the local authority. A person may fall ill or show Covid-19 symptoms any time if he/she is infected. One infection can be harmful to others. By keeping your corporate party short, you can avoid potential threats and stay safe even after the completion of your organized party for your business branding.  


The situation going on in the US and other parts of the world is a health crisis. In the contemporary world, organizing a big event for branding or any other purposes is very challenging. As a business owner, branding is crucial for you. And you can do this by following social distancing norms and the guidelines of your local health authority. With careful arrangements and action, you will be successful in branding your business during coronavirus.   

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