How to Play PUBG Game Online Without Buying?


In the event that you need to play the PC variant or any comfort. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT. Also, IMO,it is very costly. You can’t depend that PUBG is free,unless you download it from the portable adaptation.

On the off chance that despite everything you demand playing it on PC/Console. You can acquire from you companion (simply obtain their PC/PC/Console), in the event that you need to.

Where do you live? In some countries, they have shops that are made for playing online games. Like in my country, that shop is called ‘Warnet’ (Warung Internet, which basically means Internet Shack), or in some others it is called a ‘Net-Cafe’.

Of course, these types of shop gives you the ability to play online games without having to buy them. But, they do have an hourly cost. For an example, 1 hour = Rp 1.000,00.

Going to these shops are way better than pirating the game itself. Plus, most net-cafes has the best gaming equipment around.

Some Good Options : The only way currently is to play the mobile versions of the game. You can emulate the mobile version of the game via bluestacks or another andriod emulator. Bluestacks is basically a program that allows you to play andriod games. However, you aren’t gonna be able to cross play with your buddies on PC or Xbox.


If you want to play the PC version or any console. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT. And IMO,it is quite expensive. You cannot rely that PUBG is free,unless you download it from the mobile version.

If you still insist playing it on PC/Console. You can borrow from you friend (just borrow their laptop/PC/Console), if you want to.


Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo is the President of Storify News. He is the owner of the Storify News Times since 2018. Storify News was founded by Mike Brovo.


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