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Hurricane Michael Claims 18; more can be on the list!

Florida is flooded with SOS alerts due to the arrival of the Hurricane Michael. With 155 Mph wind, 18 people have already died, and since the place is still high on alert, the number could rise further. According to, the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, they have still not reached the most top hit areas yet. So even if the hurricane stops to come again, this number could increase because of incomplete poise. He stated that that “Unfortunately, I think you are going to see climb” where the climb indicates the increasing death toll.

“The worst the Florida panhandle has seen in 100 years.” as claimed by Gov. Rick Scott. The Michael Hurricane within 24 hours or less covered including Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia — it left a trail of heavy destruction in its path.

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, tweeted on Friday that they are trying their level best to provide food and water to most the affected places. But Kathy Fulton, the director of a logistics aid network, which was formed after the Hurricane Katrina, told the NPR, “t get supplies into a disaster area, you must have some form of logistics support, whether that’s ground transportation, air transportation, whatever that may be.”

The victims of the hurricane Michael are also worrying about their future taxes to be paid, to which the Internal Revenue Service has promised tax relief to all the survivors of storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and other calamities. However, the residents, belonging to the working section of the society are quite worried. Kevin Deeth, one among the many said: “ We didn’t have much before and now we have even less.” They are looking for answers to where and how could they start and establish for their livelihood.

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