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Industrial Internet of Things : What is Industrial IOT?

Manufacturers or producers in every sector have the opportunity to upscale their manufacturing unit. Although the technological advancements have brought about a change in the way machines have been functioning, there is a lot that businesses look forward to. With manufacturing industries in focus, automation has extended its wings and taken the people aback by the marvels. As per a report from Business Insider, the investment by global manufacturers will increase by $29 billion making it $70 billion from 2015 to 2020 in IoT solutions. Therefore, the Industrial Internet of Things is the new wave to be explored.

How does the Technology work?

Any manufacturing plant has several production units and operations in parallel. These machines are connected and operated through a central control unit. The control centre helps to monitor the functioning of the machinery remotely. The machine operator and the associated team can access the information HMI software. It bridges the gap between machines’ internal processing and the human understanding of the machine. The HMI has a screen display which indicates the progress in any operation. On viewing machine status, one can analyse machine’s throughput and efficiency. It helps to map the output that the machine can generate in a specified period.

How will Manufacturers benefit from it?

SCADA System fetches the operational information from the machine. The data is then processed to understand how efficiently the machine processes the input and converts it into the output.

The SCADA Software streamlines the asset management systems to track the location, status and condition of products throughout the supply chain. Moreover, the added advantage that the user enjoys is reduced cost. With technology taking control over the processes, it is possible to detect faults or breakdown in any part of the machinery.

What is the future of this technology?

It is an indecisive fact that technology has taken over all the operations in the manufacturing unit. But, to cope with the trends, several enterprises who have earlier been accustomed to enterprise or consumer-grade level are now looking for a shift to the automation industry.

While a lot of people fear the security of the system, it is important to realise that there are companies who have pioneered the security of machine control as well. Schneider Electric India is a pioneer in developing secure Industrial Internet of Things protocols, powering companies across the globe to opt for industrial automation.

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