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Instagram Widget Tools – Things To Remember During The Selection Of It


Finding the right Instagram Widget tool is an overwhelming task as several Instagram widgets are available on the internet. 

If you search for the “Best Instagram widget” on a search engine, a list of hundreds of Instagram Widgets will appear on your screen. 

You will find various websites are talking or claiming about the best Instagram Widget tools in the market. 

You are scrolling through the search engine result page or reading various blogs to find the right Instagram Widget tools for your website. 

You might find several Instagram Widget tools with fascinating pricing plans and features that you might want to use for your website. 

But you might have got confused in choosing the right Instagram Widget tool for your website. 

No worries, here you will get to know how to choose the right Instagram widget for your website from hundreds of Instagram Widgets. 

Let’s start getting to know more about Instagram Widgets and how to find the right tool for your website. 

What Is Instagram Widget

Many people don’t know about Instagram Widgets. Instagram Widgets are tools that help in displaying Instagram feeds on the website.

Instagram Widgets are a powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful-looking widgets with various layout designs that suit your website alignment.

Instagram widgets reduce your hassle to manually collect posts from Instagram, copy embed code, and paste it on your web page. 

You can directly collect Instagram feeds with hashtags, mentions, handles, and embellish your website with Instagram content like Stories, reels, videos, etc. 

Hence, we can say that Instagram Widget is a type of tool that helps showcase Instagram posts on a website in a beautiful design. 

Why Instagram Widget Tool 

Instagram is the most popular social media platform with a rapidly growing high number of active users. 

It is a pool of user-generated content as millions of posts are published on Instagram daily. On average, 30 minutes to 1 hour is spent by an Instagram user regularly. 

It means people love to engage with Instagram content, and embed them on your website will offer a similar experience to website visitors like Instagram. 

Displaying Instagram posts on the website will increase dwell time, build a social proof of your website, enhance SEO, and lower your website’s bounce rate. 

How To Choose Right Instagram Widget

#1 Features & Functionalities

An Instagram widget must have multiple features and functionalities that help you create, curate, and design Instagram Widget into powerful content. 

Customization, moderation, profanity filters, API access, and Custom CSS are some significant features that you must look for while choosing the right Instagram widget for your website. 

#2 Comprehensible Interface

When choosing an Instagram Widget for your website, make sure it has an easy-to-use interface that only requires a minimal level of technical expertise. 

It must have good navigational properties so that you can easily create, manage, design, and display Instagram feeds into your website in a simple step-by-step process.  

#3 Pricing & Plans

Most of the Instagram Widget tools offer almost similar features and functionalities. However, there is a tremendous difference between their pricing plans. 

Make sure to compare the price and features you are getting with the Instagram Widget for the price. 

Also, there are several plans different Instagram Widgets offer to their clients at the best possible prices.  

Several pricing plans offer add-on features and give you more freedom to customize and display Instagram Widgets on your website as per your needs. 

For instance, you will not get API access unless you took the pro or advanced Instagram Widget plan. So make sure as per your needs you must buy or upgrade your plan. 

However, there are also free plans offered by Instagram Widget tools, but you will only get limited features or embed only a single feed on your website. 

#4 Automatic Real-Time Update

Another important thing you have to look for while choosing an Instagram Widget is that it can update feed automatically on your website even after embedding the Instagram widget on your website. 
Without manually updating feeds in your widget, a good and compatible Instagram Widget will provide you with automatic updates and moderation of Instagram feeds in real-time. 

#5 Match Your Marketing Goal & Need

It is the last but most important attribute of choosing an Instagram widget for your website. The Instagram Widget you choose must serve your marketing goals. 

It should be capable enough to collect hashtag feeds, mentioned posts, and handle posts easily and accurately. 

Make sure that you choose an Instagram Widget tool that meets your marketing needs and goals so that you invest your money in the right place.  


Embedding Instagram feeds on the website is an on-going trend in the marketing industry. Even popular and big websites collect Instagram content and allure their website by embedding Instagram widgets on their website. 

So if you are searching for the best Instagram widget tool to embed Instagram UGC or posts on your website, don’t forget to go through these points. 


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