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Its Trump’s Turn to Blame the Media!

The president called for a rally of unity on Wednesday in Mosinee, Wisconsin. And very soon the call for unity turned out to be a series of allegations, blames and justifications after the destructive mailboxes sent to the important Democrats of the states. Although Trump didn’t mention that incident nor did he pointed out anyone specific, the tone and his agitation towards the media how badly fake news can cause disturbance and anger among the citizens.

On Tuesday Night, the caretaker of the Clintons’ property in New York found a suspicious mailbox containing a destructive explosive and a similar box was found at the Obama’s house. In the recent days, these boxes were found at the residence of elite citizens like philanthropist Soros, former Attorney General Eric Holder and former CIA Director John Brennan as well. Since it was hovering a good topic of discussion, Trump’s statement was more like an icing on the cake.

The president Donald Trump also tweeted about the fake news to show his disappointment with the media.  Then in return, he received a lot of replies from his countrymen flooding his news feed that it’s not the media who is the root of such troublesome but it is the president himself and was declared as fake president in many tweets.

Trump has always been famous for tweeting critical remarks among various important citizens who were holding political posts in the past. And he was every time bombarded with furthermore negative statements and replies. In whatever sense, Trump has always been successful in hogging the limelight, and this time as well he did not miss the chance to seek the attention. Because despite Sarah, the press secretary of the white house, who had dropped her statement about the incident and they are involved in it, Trump delivered a live speech in a so-called rally for unity and gained a much more recognition.

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