Jay Inslee Has Written A Climate Plan For The Next President To Adopt


Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington and presidential candidate has come up with his second round of climate policy proposals. With 38 pages, it is certainly longer than the policy package of any other candidate not just on the Presidential part, but for any elected position in the United States. However, this is only a second part. His campaign says there are at least three or four more rounds of these package release coming in the near future.

All these efforts feel like a tad bit overkill and are viewed by the people of political interest in the context of Democratic presidential. Further, if Jay wanted to prove that he is the best suitable candidate to tackle the climate change, he would have made it, what like, maybe a thousand words ago. The bar set for these policies is definitely not high. Biden has promised a speech pretty soon, Beto has his own plan, and Warren is ready with a few sectoral policies. It is not a matter you would deal with bringing three to four rounds of policy packages. It is almost as if Jay brought a gun to a pillow fight.

The point is, Jay is seeing this as more than just campaigning. His new campaign is writing a Green New Deal. Even though his Climate agenda fails to tick all the Green New Deal checkboxes, it does get to some of the most important stuff. The policy has aggressive targets for de-carbonization, a huge array of public investments, per sector policies, and a serious focus on high-quality jobs and vulnerable communities. The policies identifies mechanisms and programs to achieve the set goals.

Perhaps, no one really knows how the 2020 Congressional elections would turn out. A majority of Jay’s plan depends on Congress but not all of it. Democrats would be smart enough to use it as a blueprint. What we can do, is just wait and watch.

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Mike Brown
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