Julius Iglesias Is Facing A Seven Figure Lawsuit Filed Against Him – Case Seems To Slip From His Hands


On an allegation where the judge ruled the singer Julius Iglesias of fathering her son, she is now facing a seven figure lawsuit from a former ballerina. After a brief affair with the crooner in 1975, Maria Edite Santos tried her best and attempted to prove for 30 straight years that Julius Iglesias, 75, is the biological father of son Javier.

Iglesias is a Spanish playboy who is said to have shared bed with around 3,000 women. He also have refused to provide his DNA samples but now when Javier, his supposed son, is 43, the judge said that he bare an obvious resemblance to him physically. The lawyer of Maria said in court earlier that they have another plans for Iglesias. They now plan to sue Julius Iglesias for worth $314 million saying it is the price you pay for bedding with thousands of women.

The lawyer said that, “We will claim for moral, psychological and spiritual damages from Julio Iglesias. We will also ask for compensation, because Javier has suffered so much”. The lawyer further added that “Can you imagine how he has suffered without the support of a father? Can you imagine the children asking him in the playground, ‘Where’s your dad? Why’s he never around?”

When she fell pregnant with Javier, Maria gave up her ballet career as the event had a big impact on her life. She said, “Julio has not once met his son. What kind of a man does that?” She further added that, “We have suffered so much and faced so many problems – we went through terrible times. I cannot describe the happiness we feel after fighting for so many years. For Javier, his whole world has changed”.

Maria supported the decision and said that she always knew Julio was his father. She also mentioned that she was always telling the truth. At the point where this case is now, Julius Iglesias can make a appeal in front of the court.

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