Key Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Syracuse


Personal injuries are rather severe matters that can have a significant impact on your health, career, family, as well as your future.

If you’re injured because of someone’s carelessness or gross negligence, you’re supposed to receive monetary compensation for the damages you have undergone. At such a crucial and stressful point in your life, it’s immensely vital that you seek legal advice from a lawyer who’ll treat you and your injuries seriously.  

A personal injury lawyer in Syracuse, or anywhere else in the world, can do that for you by defending you as well as your legal interests at a period where your world has been flipped upside down.

If you’re half-hearted right now about your decision on whether or not you want to hire a personal injury lawyer, continue reading below to know the key benefits that you’ll get in hiring one.

Help You Avoid The Hassle

After a car accident, for instance, you need to worry about getting better. Let a personal injury attorney worry about dealing with all the other things. These, of course, include dealing with the medical records, medical bills, talking to your doctors, and, most importantly, talking to the insurance company.

If you’re somewhere in Syracuse or the neighboring cities, law firms such as Greene & Reid, PLLC can even go to your home or the hospital if you can’t make it to their office. 

Guide You Throughout The Process

There are a lot of pitfalls when you’re pursuing a personal injury claim; a lot of ways where you can get yourself into trouble. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney who knows every inch and corner of personal injury cases from claims, settlements, trials, etc. would help you avoid such pitfalls. 

Knows How Much Your Claim Is Worth

Insurance companies love it when their clients don’t have a lawyer. Though it’s no fault of yours, you have no idea what your claims are, nor do you know what the insurance company’s policies are. 

On top of that, insurance companies are not in the business of telling everything that they should be doing for you.

As business entities, insurance companies would make you feel like everything is alright so that you can agree to a meager settlement. 

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer with you who knows how much your claim is worth, would draw another picture. 

Can Get You More Money

Anchored on a recent consumer panel survey of auto accident victims conducted by the Insurance Research Council revealed that injured victims receive an average of 40% more money just by consulting a lawyer to learn their rights. More than that, injured victims received 3.5 times more payment on average when they hired an attorney versus when they don’t. 

Putting that into dollars, suppose an injured victim that didn’t have a personal injury lawyer settled their claim for only $3,000. According to the study mentioned, if they hired an attorney, they could have solved the case for $10,500.

Improves Your Odds

If you’re in doubt about hiring a personal injury lawyer, consider the following issues that you are faced after an accident: 

  • Who’ll pay for the medical bills?
  • How will you get medical treatment for your injuries if you don’t have health insurance?
  • You’re worried because the paychecks have stopped coming in, but the bills haven’t.
  • You’re left without a car.

You have nothing to lose by asking the help of a personal injury lawyer. Think about all you can lose if you don’t. Lawyers, after all, make it easy for you to have your fair share of your claims. 

Knows The Legal Process

In some cases, if a lawsuit is filed, your personal injury lawyer is the one responsible for investigating, obtaining all the necessary documents, police reports, and preserving all gathered and presented evidence needed for litigation.

It’s known that with the absence of a lawyer to defend you, you’ll most likely lose your lawsuit. Interestingly, insurance companies are aware of this situation. 

But, unless you have a lawyer, then they’re going to give you appropriate coverage. It’s like going to war weaponless where the opposing side has a firearm, but you don’t have one. Thus, it’s essential to have a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. 


Building and handling a personal injury claim is time-consuming and could last for months. Personal injury lawyers simplify those processes for you by doing most of the heavy liftings from communication, evidence gathering, to insurance claims so your main focus could be on recovering from your injuries and feeling better  

There’s no accident or injury too small or too large. So, go ahead and do yourself a favor by calling and seeking the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer. You and your family deserved to be fairly compensated.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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