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Key Points to Follow When Choosing Canada Immigration Consultant

When it comes to immigration, Canada has been one of the most preferred destinations for people around the world. In fact, Canada has one of the most flexible immigration destinations across the globe. When you are checking out your options for immigrating into Canada, you need to know the rules and regulations governing the procedure for applying and getting a permanent residence status in Canada. From that perspective, it is quite important to consider the best immigration consultants for the Canadian region.

Canada is one of the 20 strongest economies in the world. Canada Immigration Consultants help you understand the process of immigration in a clear manner. Choosing the right Canada Immigration Consultants should be the first step towards a successful immigration process.

#1 Is the Consultant Registered Properly

Check out if the consultant you have chosen is registered and reputed. It would be essential to know how many people are aware of the company that you have decided to opt for. Credentials of the consultant should bear testimony to their success. Ensure you are entrusting the responsibility to an Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council approved consultant.

#2 The Experience

How many years of experience do they have in the immigration industry? The years of experience will have a lot to do with the outcome that you will experience with the company. Check their social profile and official website. Ask your chosen consultants about the success rate that they have been able to achieve. In fact, you can evaluate their experience by intentionally asking them a few questions about Canada immigration. This will help you analyse their expertise.

#3 Value for Money experience

A few immigration consultants can make huge claims about their services. But when it comes to actually deliver their services, they tend to fail miserably. Make sure that the consultant you have chosen is providing you really a worthwhile service. Look for pragmatic services from your chosen consultant. You need to have the best value for money and that is exactly the need of the hour.

#4 The Customer Friendly Nature

They are in the consultant business. Evidently enough, they are expected to be co-operative with respect to the requirements of their customers. They should have the kind of attention and friendly nature that is expected of them. The immigration consultant you have shortlisted should be able to meet all your queries with the right kind of solutions. Make sure that they explain the immigration process in a finer detail. Asking them a few questions would help you assess their user-friendliness. They should be able to provide you with a personal attention to the maximum extent possible and guide you on the right process for immigration.

#5 Informative Website and Social media profile

One of the best options you can make use of for checking the authenticity of the immigration consultant is to check their official website. Canadian immigration rules are constantly upgraded. If you do not find the updated information on the site, it can be an indication to prove that they are not efficient in what they are expected. You can also check their official social media handles as well. In fact, they are the best places to check out the customer complaints they may have. It will give you a proper insight into the quality of services that they provide you.

#6 Expertise

Years of experience alone cannot stand proof to the quality of service that an immigration consultant is capable of providing. The level of expertise is something that decides the real worth and the expertise, in turn, is dependent upon the professional workforce that they employ. If the immigration consultant does not have enough expertise and required skills, they may end up guiding you through the wrong path. An expert immigration consultant will make sure that they have kept themselves updated with the latest updates to the Canada immigration regulations.

Take Care of the following important aspects

The IRCC approval is one of the most important factors you would need to pay attention to when choosing the right Canada immigration consultant. The applications you submit through your immigration consultant is processed by the  Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Ensure that you are opting for an immigration consultant who has been accredited to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or RCIC.

If your consultant is an approved RCIC, you can be assured of your case being presented before Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC in a rightful manner. This will also ensure that you can stand to gain a complete transparency in the immigration application procedure. If the consultant you have chosen is not accredited to be an RCIC, you may end up being represented at the CIC by a third party representative which may not go well in your favour.

Before you choose and finalise an immigration consultant for your immigration requirements to Canada, make sure that you prepare a list of what to expect from your consultant. Get yourself abreast with the knowledge about the immigration procedure, laws, regulations and other updates. This will help you find for yourself whether your consultant is equipped with enough knowledge. In fact, when you are aware of the regulations yourself, it should be easy to check the credentials, expertise and authenticity of your consultant better.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few inputs into how you can choose the right immigration consultant in an effective way. Instead of rushing to the first consultant you can find, make sure that they fulfil all the requirements specified by the government.

Making sure that your chosen consultant is secure and honest, your trust factor enhances and you will definitely stand a better chance of getting the best immigration assistance that you really deserve.

Remember one thing – choosing an expert immigration consultant is always better than opting for an amateur just because someone recommended them to you. Ensure that they are better by

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