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Is It Legal And Safe To Browse KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a Anime streaming site that holds a large number of popular animated television movies and programs for free. While this may not be the safest option, KissCartoon provides various US movies, cartoons, and anime. The wide collection of TV shows and series is interesting for those who are always looking on the internet for free streaming links.

Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss Cartoon is a streaming website that is absolutely free to browse and use. The content is properly managed allowing you to get to your favourite movie or TV show in a jiffy. It is among the dozen out there that provides free streaming links. Also, apart from the huge collection, most of the programs here are available for viewing in HD. That takes the viewing experience to another levels.

The website is managed and controlled by Kiss Anime Network, an abroad company that hosts their sites on servers existing in nations that do not require copyright laws. The sites were originally hosted in Vietnam and users can watch their favourite shows like No Game No Life Season 2 there.

Besides this website, the same network also operates other websites offering pirated content. The group has sites devoted to US comics, manga, and Korean drama TV shows. Build almost a decade ago, millions of people have already fetched the benefits of KissCartoon by watching free anime shows and movies online.

Is KissCartoon Safe?

If safety is your motto while browsing the internet, you shouldn’t proceed with KissCartoon. These websites have been identified to contain and deliver malwares to the visitors. Websites like these earn money by pop-ups and various redirects which are stored by your browser. Hackers can then use these files to attack your system with viruses.

Since the ads are not fully controlled by trusted networks like Google, there is a high risk of threats to your computer. Rumours even has it that the viruses downloaded from websites like these are used by the hackers to mine cryptocurrencies. However, these viruses and hackers may not be directly connected to KissCartoon network, but they do spread from their website.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

No, it is not. KissCartoon network hosts pirated movies and anime. Other websites operated by Kiss Anime Network group also share content that they do not have right to host. Websites like these are shut down many a times when the law forces them to. KissCartoon also experienced the shut down various times.

When anything like this happens, the makers use clone version of the website on another server to keep the site live. The only catch is, it has a restrained domain name. Apart from KissCartoon, there are many fraudulent copies of KissCartoon that are even a greater threat when it comes to viruses and malwares. No one has any idea who leads these websites.

These malicious websites have same domain name but the only difference lies in the domain suffixes. Instead of, a user may see or anything similar.

Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon

If you are not looking for free options to view your favourite content online, you have plenty of legal, safe, and secured streaming platforms. These websites even have their own apps for a smoother mobile viewing experience. These include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Central
  • Nickelodeon
  • Cartoon Network

Almost all of these options need a monthly subscription for a user to watch the content. Also, these websites offer unique features including the one where you can resume from the moment you left. Another feature includes visiting the local library where many of them have their own movie collections allowing members to check BluRays and DVDs.

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