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Know about the Trend of Om Jewellery

From ancient times, Om is being used as the powerful mantra which is believed to provide limitless power to those enchanting it. The vibrations created by this mantra booms very high and creative energy. It can be called as the mantra for ultimate awakening and mindfulness. If you add the power of Om to your daily attire, it can bring positivity to your life. It can calm down your mind and free you off from the stress that also with style. Therefore, most of the accessory designers have introduced Om jewellery in the market, which is liked by the people. Let’s have a look at various types of Om jewellery available in the market.

  1. Om Bracelet- These are the bracelets in which holy symbol of Om is added. This symbol is engraved on the bracelets or gems are used to create Om on the bracelet. The bracelets with engraved Om are considered to be a little bit cheaper than those with gemstones. They are available in various materials like silver, gold and platinum. The Om symbol is fashioned in any of these metals, and that piece is attached from both sides to a string or metal chain. There is a wide variety of Om bracelets offered by Few of those beautiful pieces are Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Om Charm and Dwishakti Brooch Moli Bracelet
  2. Om Pendant- You can wear the spirituality of Om in your neckpieces. You can wear on Om pendant along with silver or gold chain or with the colourful thread. These pendants come in various types. They are either engraved in metal like silver, gold and platinum. Like bracelets, the gemstone displaying Om is also placed in the pendant. FOURSEVEN has an extensive collection of Om pendants. You can make the selection as per your taste. The pendants like Dwishakti Pendant are the best out of the collection which you can wear to flaunt spirituality with style. Om pendant in silver gives the perfect style statement while spreading positivity with the holiness of Om mantra.
  3. Om Charms- FOURSEVEN has the unique collection of charms. These charms are used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many other accessories. The holiness of Om mantra can be flaunted with these charms as well. Om charms can be used as pendants and can be attached with strings or silver chains for making bracelets. Om charms worn as pendants as well as bracelets look perfect with any attire while providing calmness to your mind.

Apart from these, you can find Om brooches, om stud earrings and other fashion jewellery with engraved Om or with gemstones of Om. There is a wide variety of Om brooches offered by Fourseven. Dwishakti Brooch is one of the best options available. You can choose as per your test of metal. You can also decide if you want the one with gemstone or the engraved ones. However, engraved Om brooches are liked many people. Om earrings are also being liked by women these days. They also come in wide variety and play a vital role in giving away a style statement while generating creative energy and positivity. So, if you want to wear the holiness of Om, then explore Om jewellery collection of FOURSEVEN.

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