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Kylie Jenner Baby Shower Failed to Live up to the Expectations

The 20 year old young girl Kylie Jenner’s baby shower failed hopelessly as expected. It did not live up to the expectations as it was hyped about. The reason behind this was found to be the TV series which Kylie had to contract for.

Kylie has a beautiful lavish house worth rupees 12$ million, where she organized the party. She preferred to make the baby shower not social and kept it quite personally.

According to the reporters, Compared to Kylie Jenner Baby Shower, Kim Kardashian was given quite a personal treatment at her baby shower. Kim’s baby shower was legendary, out of the world, which even words could not describe and Kylie Jenner Baby shower was not even an inch close.

Sources reported that Kylie Jenner wanted her baby shower to be performed in LA, hip and young type for which she had put in her own ideas. It as supposed to be performed in a cool golf club. This was just an opposite of Khole’s and Kim’s plan.

Kris planned the party but it was strictly informed to the invitees that no pictures should be taken at the party thus, making it a normal casual party. Because of the tour obligations Travis Jeff, her boyfriend could not make it for Kylie Jenner Baby shower.

It was also sourced that Kris, Kylie’s mom and TV producers organized this party which was reported to be the pyjama party. The party was held in her lavish garden. All the management of the party was done by Kris. No pictures were leaked out on social media as Kylie’s friends were asked not to click any pictures or post it.

Kylie Jenner was quite upset with her boyfriend Travis Jeff as he couldn’t make it, even though after knowing that he is gone for a tour. This is quite obvious as it is a special moment and she prefers Travis to be with her for all the time. But apart from all this her bestfriend Nike Jordan made it for her baby shower.

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