Last Solar Eclipse of the Year Today: When, where and how to watch


The last solar eclipse of the year will take place on December 4 (Saturday). Some folks within the southern hemisphere of the globe would witness the event as a total or partial eclipse. A total eclipse happens when the sun, moon, earth are in a direct line, and people living at places where the center of the moon’s shadow hits the earth would see the event. 

“The sky becomes dark as if it were dawn or gloaming. Weather permitting, the folks within the path of a total solar eclipse can see the Sun’s corona, the outer atmosphere, which is otherwise typically obscured by the brilliant face of the Sun,” the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) aforementioned.

Where can it be visible?

Antarctica is going to be the sole place on earth from where the total solar eclipse could be seen. 

In another place, wherever the sun, moon, and also the earth don’t seem to be directly lined up, a partial solar eclipse could be seen. Solely a part of the sun’s surface will appear to have a shadow throughout this celestial event.

A partial eclipse could be seen in components of Saint Helena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, South Georgia, and Sandwich Islands, Crozet Islands, Falkland Islands, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia, NASA said.

How to watch?

Countries wherever the event isn’t visible directly, together with the Asian nation, can still view the event using NASA’s live streaming service. 

A view of the total eclipse from the Union Glacier, Antarctica would be streamed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), conditional that the weather is obvious throughout the event.

Is it safe to look?

A solar viewing or eclipse glass is often required to examine the sun throughout the eclipse and it’s not at all safe to look directly at it. However, throughout a complete eclipse, it is safe to directly investigate the sun during the interval of totality that is when the moon fully obscures the sun.

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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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