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Learn How to Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive – Instantly

“Yesterday, I tried to migrate some data from my memory card to my SanDisk pen drive. To do the same I inserted the pen drive and memory card to my local machine. The pen drive displayed as F: drive on my desktop and the memory card showed as I: drive. After completion of transferring the entire data from the memory card to my pen drive. I attempted to format the memory card. However, I accidentally formatted pen drive instead of memory card. Now, I need an instant solution to recover formatted data from pen drive and get my data back. Any help would be admired. Thanks.”

Solution to Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive Instantly

Here, is the best way to recover data after formatting the pen drive. It is a standalone utility to do the same. The utility is named as Pen Drive Recovery software. This is an instant way to recover files from a flash drive that needs to be formatted. With the help of this application, a user can easily get their lost data back without any hassle. This product facilitates an understandable and user-friendly interface. So, a non-technical user can execute the pen drive recovery process with the help of this utility. Moreover, this tool is equipped with ultimate features which make the recovery procedure simple. Pen drive recovery tool recovers and restore videos, images, documents, etc. from pen drive. It is able to supports recovery from all brand pen drive of any size. This tool does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues. Thus, it supports all versions of Windows Operating Systems.

Steps to Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive

To get data back after formatting the pen drive is not a myth anymore. Most of the user is looking for the solution to how to format a flash drive without losing data. So, in this segment, we are going to discuss some simple steps to do the same. All the measures are explained in a sequential manner. You just need to follow all of them properly.

  • First of all download and launch the SysTools Pen Drive recovery software into your preferred local machine.
  • After that, you can see a screen that displays the list of all attached pen drive and memory cards with your computer.


  • Here, the application includes a Refresh View option. Using this option you become enable to view newly attached Pen Drive without closing the utility.


  • Afterward, the recovery software will give you two options to scan your pen drive i.e. Scan and Formatted Scan.

Scan: Choose this option for deleted and corrupted data recovery.
Formatted Scan: Opt this option to formatted scan for formatted data recovery


  • Now, the application will begin the scanning and display you the reading percentage. So, you have to wait until it turns to 100%.
  • Subsequently, the recovery tool will list all recovered folder into the left panel. Here, it automatically highlights the folders which consist the data. Here, explore the folder and review the entire data into the right panel of application. Moreover, this software provides an effective feature i.e., it highlights the permanently deleted data by red color. So, it becomes easy to you identify the permanently deleted files and folders.


  • Now software provides two option to save the restored data i.e. Either Save Selected Data or Complete Recovered data. Users can select any option as per their need.


  • Then, you have to provide the location where you need to save your output file. You can also generate a new folder by click on the Create New Folder button and hit on OK to proceed forward.


  • Here, the recovery procedure is started, you can see the progress report and wait until it completes 100%. If you require to stop the process anyhow so, you can hit on Stop button.
  • After successful completion of the recovery procedure, the software will notify you by a prompt up message that says Export Completed Successfully. You have to simply click on OK and proceed to preview recovered data.


  • At last, go to the location which you provided and you can easily view the complete recovered data from formatted pen drive.


Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive –  Users Queries

Need help! Unfortunately, I format my pen drive more than once. After formatting the pen drive I realized, that the pen drive contains some important photos of mine and my sister also. Now, I require an immediate and reliable way to recover formatted data from pen drive. Thanks in advance.

“I have a pen drive which is of Samsung and that has a Red Bar when I am viewing it from the computer. Mainly, it says that 16.8 MB free of 4.73 MB. But, when I open it I realize that there are no files/folders on it. So, I format the entire pen drive as I think that the problem is resolved. But, I stuck in a tiresome situation, that I lost all of my valuable documents. So, is there any appropriate solution to recover files from a flash drive that needs to be formatted.”

Today, in the morning I accidentally formatted my Kingston pen drive. And then, I tried to open that again. I saw that there were no data. Now I don’t know how to recover formatted USB flash drive In these circumstances, what should I do? I am worried because that pen drive having some of my official data. please suggest me an alternative. Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated

“I stupidly formatted the wrong pen drive when there are two pen drive is connected to my desktop. It is a Verbatim pen drive. I heard that there are some manual ways to recover the data. Now I don’t think so, they work in an efficient manner. I am afraid that the freeways make the things worse. What should I have to in this kind of situation? I am totally unaware of this kind of issues. Please tell me How to Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive and provide me with some helpful suggestions. Thank you very much.”

Note: All the above-stated scenarios are taken from the forum sites. We take them into consideration and come up with an alternative to recover formatted data from pen drive without any hassle.

Special Tips to Recover Data After Formatting Pen Drive

  • After formatting the pen drive. It’s better that you should have to stop adding any new data to the formatted drive. Because any data may overwrite the deleted data. And the data which is overwritten will be irretrievable.
  • Once you select all the required files to recover, you should not store them to the formatted pen drive. Instead, you can store the recovered files/folder to another media.

Final Verdict

As we all know, that there is no direct and free solution to recover data after formatting pen drive. So, Pen Drive Recovery software is one of the best utility to do the same. Moreover, this tool has the capability to provide you the satisfactory and desired results.

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