What’s the Deal with Love Birds Price in India?


Love Birds Price in India – The love bird (also known as the peach-faced lovebird) originated in South Africa and has been popular in the U.S. since the 1970s and 1980s, when they were among the first parrots to be imported from Africa to the U.S. Since that time, it’s become one of the most popular pet birds in the U.S., which has also led to its popularity in India, where it’s an exotic import that many people want to add to their collection of pets.

Love birds as pets

The Parakeet is one of the most common and famous birds kept as pets. They are very popular as pet birds all over Europe and America. The Indian Ringneck Parakeet (often just called a ringneck) is an exceptionally beautiful breed which has become very popular due to its affectionate nature and good talking ability. They have a lovely rose-pink color on their face, throat, chest and shoulders but are more often seen in green or blue colors . Ringnecks generally enjoy human company and can be really friendly if handled regularly. However they need plenty of toys to prevent them from becoming bored indoors. Only buy your bird from a breeder who keeps his/her birds in large flights with plenty of perches, playthings and opportunities for exercise!

Popular breeds of love birds

While you may have heard of love birds, you might not be aware of which breeds of parrots are most commonly called love birds. While there are dozens of varieties, here are some that stand out: Lilac-crowned parrot (Amazona finschi), Blue crowned amazon (Amazona farinosa), Peach fronted conure (Aratinga aureodorsalis), Jenday conure (Aratinga jandaya) and Nanday conure (Aratinga nendaya). These birds typically bond for life and make excellent pets for people who want companionship. They’re highly social creatures that can easily bond with their owners.

Interesting things about love birds

The lovebird originated in Africa, where it lived among other colorful parrots. The birds would eat corn and green vegetation, and they were considered good pets because of their beautiful plumage. People often kept them at home to keep away snakes. Nowadays, these birds are popularly kept as pets. They can be easily distinguished from other types of parrots because of their striking colors—lovebirds are commonly red and blue or yellow and green—and their small size (about 7 inches). If a lovebird is kept alone, it will become depressed; therefore, these birds must be taken care of by pairs or groups so that they can remain happy and satisfied as pets.

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Where to buy love birds?

There are multiple places you can buy love birds. They can be purchased at exotic pet stores, local pet stores, or if you have a lot of time, via online classifieds sites such as Craigslist. Make sure you meet your potential seller and that they’re reputable before making any purchases. It’s also important to remember that there are different types of love birds, so make sure to determine exactly what kind of bird(s) you want before purchase. Additionally, love birds should always be obtained from a rescue shelter since their importation has been banned by CITES. If you intend on buying new ones from an exotic pet store, try to avoid those that offer them from distributors—these birds will often come from very poor breeding situations or even abusive owners.

Taking care of your bird

If you plan to purchase a bird for companionship, you’ll need to consider how much time and effort he will require. Exotic birds aren’t like dogs or cats that can spend their days at home on their own. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible interacting with your feathered friend. That will help him stay happy and healthy, as well as keep him from becoming too lonely and destructive. This interaction is also what will help your parrot bond closely with you—that is, if he does bond closely. It’s not guaranteed by any means!

Popular varieties of love birds

There are many popular varieties of love birds; even some that you may not have heard of. This includes African love birds, mask love birds, rainbow love birds and more. Each variety has their own distinct color pattern and personalities, making them different than other breeds. If you want to get a good variety that will work well for breeding or just make an interesting pet, it’s a good idea to do your research before you purchase.

Some common health problems

The wild-born, hybrid birds most commonly sold as Indian lovebirds tend to have a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. At most pet stores, you’ll see these common problems (though there are others!): fasciated feathers, cleft palates and noses, conjunctivitis, fatty tumors, eye infections and hemorrhages. Many people call these health issues genetic defects; however, if you purchase a lovebird from a responsible breeder who tests their birds for disease/genetic issues before breeding them (and who raises their baby birds so they’re healthy), expect to have at least one bird that has some sort of ailment.

How long do love birds live?

Living with love birds requires a lot of extra research before you begin. You’ll want to know exactly how long they live, what their average life span is and what conditions are ideal for them. If you’re planning on keeping multiple pairs, make sure you have enough space and resources to sustain them all. Choosing a size that fits your lifestyle is important because they can grow quickly into full-sized birds. Additionally, if you are concerned about loud chirping, it’s best to opt for a smaller bird. Larger parrots can be more affectionate and generally easier to train than smaller ones though, so choose according to your personal preference and needs.

How much does it cost to keep a love bird as a pet?

It depends on which species of love bird you have, as different species vary widely in cost. Generally speaking, a basic love bird costs $40 to $150, while more exotic varieties such as peach-faced and Fischer’s can cost upwards of $300. These birds are nocturnal by nature so they may not be as active during daytime hours. For their care and feeding requirements, contact your local veterinarian or pet store for more information.

Species & Colour Wise Love Birds Price in India

Love Birds Price in India (Pair)Price
Rosy Peach Face Love Birds (Pair)Rs.1,200 to Rs.1,600
Green Orange Peach Faced Love Birds (Pair)Rs.1,400 to Rs.1,800
Rosy Opaline Love Birds (Pair)Rs.1,800 to Rs. 2,200
Green Orange Opaline Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 2,200
Lutino Peach Face Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500
Lutino Opaline Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 2,700 to Rs. 3,200
Lutino Opaline Hood Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 2,700 to Rs. 3,200
Rosy Pied Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000
Rosy White Face Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,200
Violet Peach Face Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000
Fischer Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 1,800 To Rs. 2,200
Dhani Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 2,800
Blue Mask Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 3,500
Cobalt Mask Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 4,000
Mauve Mask Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 4,000 to Rs.4,500
DF Voilet Mask Love Birds (Pair)Rs.10,000 to Rs. 12,000
Wild Mask Yellow Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 16,000
Violet Parblue Opaline Love Birds (Pair)Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 24,000

The average life span of lovebirds is in between 10 – 15 years, but if they take well care of them, they can live more than that.

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