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If you want to generate leads using Instagram Stories then you will need to post these stories at the right time. It is therefore important to know the optimal frequency of posting such Instagram Stories so that you can get the maximum help in your social media campaign. Though this feature is much similar to the Snapchat Stories and is considered to be the direct competitors. However, you must know a few things about these stories before you start your plans to use these.

  • Typically, these Instagram stories differ from any other standard Instagram posts.
  • The most significant difference is that these stories come in a unique “slideshow” format.
  • These stories are live only for 24 hours.
  • You can save these stories to any of your devices to reuse these at some other point of time.
  • The Instagram Stories appear in a small area above the follower timelines rather than in the news feed.

When a user clicks on the photo at the top, they can view the story in a window that will pop up.

There seem to be endless benefits of using Instagram Stories in social media campaigns by the brands are truly endless apart from the fact that you can gain a lot more Instagram followers to your account as well as the website of your business which eventually will increase your business revenue.

  • Your brand will be better off if you can use specific stories that will tell about the behind-the-scenes insider posts which typically may not be as high in quality as compared to any regular posts.
  • Moreover, you will not have to think much about posting any content that will align with the appeal and aesthetics of your Instagram page or even your business brand when it comes to using Instagram Stories.
  • It will also be very easy and effective for you to experiment with various types of content that you may use in these Instagram Stories feature such as using high-quality photos, a short video, a live video, a rewind video, and Boomerangs which are typically GIF-like images that will play on a continuous loop.
  • You will get another significant benefit of tagging any other accounts in your Instagram Stories. This will be of great help especially if you are collaborating with any other influencer or brand.
  • You can use several other features to make your Instagram Stories even better such as face filters, stickers or text that will help you to edit the images to create more fun and make it into a more eye-catching visual.
  • You will also have the benefits of adding an unlimited amount of posts at any given time to this useful feature that is available to all types of businesses globally. All the photos and videos added by you will essentially play in the same sequence as you have added it.

However, Instagram Stories are only accessible through the mobile Instagram app. That means, as of now, you will not be able to use these Instagram Stories as your direct messages. Nevertheless, this should not be a great worrying factor to you due to the fact that most Instagram users use their smartphone app to access the site rather than the website.

Therefore, if you have not already partnered with a few influencers who are known to have made a killing on Instagram, it is high time that you find a few of your choice and start working with them. They will be of great help to reach out to more and more people through this popular photo and video sharing app.

The frequency of posting

There are a lot of conflicts and controversies regarding how often one should post Instagram Stories. You will even come across several confusing advice regarding how often you should post to Instagram. However, the best judge regarding this matter is you as it ultimately depends on finding out what will work best for your business and with your audience as well and maintain a proper balance.

However, you can test your efforts on the basis of a few great researchers by Union Metrics made on 55 Instagram brands. According to this research, it was found that:

  • Most brands post their Stories on Instagram 1.5 times a day on an average.
  • However, most notably it was also found that posting Stories more often than that will not result in a decreased engagement.

This means, there is no particular threshold of posting Instagram Stories as you may expect and therefore there is no fear of crossing any such limits.

The researchers opine that their initial assumption was based only on the posters with high frequency. They found that the assumption of lowering the level of engagement rates of the subsequent posting was not at all true when a brand posts these Instagram Stories more often.

Summing it up

As of now, there is no significant research report found that will prove the fact that more Instagram Stories posted might affect the rate of engagement of the users. In fact, researchers of Union Metrics and several others have not found any definite relationship between the engagement rates of the users and the amount of content a brand should post each day that will explain and determine how many posts they receive or share. Therefore, the idea of posing more such Stories on Instagram is definitely not bad or a negative one.

That means in other words, you should not be afraid or apprehensive of pushing your limits when it comes to the posting frequency of Instagram Stories. Ideally, you should start by posting one Story in a day and see the result. You may then increase your frequency gradually according to the engagement rate variance.

When you reach a point when you think that you are experiencing a drop in the level of engagement rate, you can scale back a little bit to reach to your optimal level of posting the Instagram Stories and enjoy all the benefits that it has on offer.

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