Man Dies As A Firework Hits And Explodes On His Chest – Kids Who Watched Are Traumatized Right Now


An event recently traumatized Ohio when a man was killed in front of his neighborhood kids this week. According to the reports, the man died when a mortar hit his chest and exploded. The tragedy took place on Tuesday at around 12:30 AM in North Toledo. Witnesses who saw the incident said that Floyd Temple, 61, was lighting up fireworks for his neighborhood kids all day who were present there during that time.

Floyd’s friend Benjamin told a news agency, “He tried to fire off a rock that goes up into the sky and it backfired and took his chest off”. The police said in their reports that Floyd died instantly. Temple’s neighbor Rick said that the kids ran to Floyd’s house to tell his family what had happened. He further mentioned that, “The kids were sitting over there. They would probably be traumatized right now. I never thought this would ever happen over here”.

According to the statements made by couple of other neighbors, some people tried saving Floyd just after the incident took place before the rescue crew arrived. However, Floyd had already died at that time. The police said that Floyd died the moment the mortar hit his chest and exploded. For a person of his age, it was a deadly thing to experience.

Floyd’s neighbor describe the man to be liked by everyone. They mentioned that he liked setting up fireworks like this for the entire neighborhood, especially the children, every year. Rick Avalos, Floyd’s neighbor said that, “He is really a nice guy, nice guy. He is my brother bro. I really love him with all my heart”.

Pvt. Stering Rahe, a spokesperson for the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department said that the incident could have been prevented if a little extra care would have taken by Floyd.

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Mike Brown
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