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Marvel Movie Review | Plot | Credit | Captain Marvel Is About Female Power

Marvel Movie Review : Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel is one the Universe’s most powerful heroes who will save the Earth from a galactic war between two alien races. An extraterrestrial Kree warrior and a crucial part for the Avengers End Game storyline, Captain Marvel was released on 8th March 2019.

With Brie Larsen as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Captain Marvel is the twenty-first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie shows the origin story of an overpowered character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It shows the journey of an ex-United States Air Force pilot becoming an intergalactic warrior and the saviour of the Universe. Book your show today in all major cities of India with available Bookmyshow Coupons for Movie ticket booking to save more each time.

Marvel Movie : The plot

The movie starts with Carol Danvers training with Yon-Rogg in the Kree Empire. She is a member of the Kree Star force team whose aim is to stop the Skrulls from shape-shifting and capturing the planets. Carol lands on a planet with her team on a planet which the Skrulls have captured.

The Skrulls trapped and captured Captain Marvel and try to extract the information from her mind about who she is and where she came from. Carol wakes up in between and successfully escaped from the planet, but unfortunately, she crashed on Earth where she met with Nick Fury. The year mentioned here was 1995 and Nick Fury having both his eyes.

Carol somehow managed to contact with Yon Rogg and told him that she crashed on earth and some Skrulls also landed with her. In between the conversation, a Skrull attacked Carol she started chasing him on the train.

With the help of the crowd, the Skrull managed to escape from the eyes of Carol. She comes back to Fury and tries to find if she is having any past memories with earth or not.

Carol with Nick Fury went to the Shield headquarters and found that she was a U.S Air force pilot and the security officer in Nasa. She met with her old friend Maria and got to know about her family and her accident before 6 years.

How Captain Marvel Got her Powers

As shown in the movie, Carol Danvers destroyed a weapon made from tesseract cube by Captain Mar-Vell. When Yon Rogg started attacking Skrulls, Mar-vell made a powerful weapon to help Skrulls to fight against the Kree empire.

While Captain was preparing the weapon, Yon Rogg attacked her. Carol destroyed the weapon and saved Skrulls from being less powerful from the Krees. During the explosion captain died, all her powers are transferred to Carol Danvers. She became unconscious and Yon-Rogg took her to the Kree planet.

Marvel Movie – Post Credit Scene:

Captain Marvel plays an important role in the End Game movie of the Avengers. It has two scenes, a mid-credit scene and a post-credit scene which directly relates it with the End Game.

In the mid-credit scene, we saw Captain Marvel with Black Widow and Doctor Banner. They talked about the transponder used by Nick Fury to call an unknown power from space.

They tried to capture the direction of the signal transferred by the device, but it stopped and after a while, Captain Marvel appeared in the scene. She asked about Nick Fury and the reason for what he called her.

The next is a post-credit scene in which Nick found the tesseract cube and her cat which is an alien swallow it. When she threw the cube out of her mouth, Nick sent the cube to the shield headquarters to study the mysterious power of this piece.

What this movie tells us about the phase four of Marvel Universe?

Captain Marvel is an important character for the coming future of marvel. It has shown some minute but important details of the past and future events. The post credit scene shows the importance of the character in the coming movie of Avengers and the future for the new superheroes.

From the post-credit scene, it is clear that Carol is not with Tony and Nebula. They are still wondering in space with no hope of rescue. Though Avengers didn’t found his tech master, Rocket could tell her about his ship and we can see Captain Marvel rescued Tony Stark.

Marvel Movie Review

The hardcore Marvel fans cannot miss the awesome new characters immerging in the Marvel Universe, the performance of these movies also predicts the future of its coming sequels and her role in the End Game.

From the public point of view, the movie is rated with  8.5/10. IMDB rated this movie with 6.8/10, rotten tomatoes rated it with 79%.

From the audience point of view, it says the movie is not as good as aspected to be from Marvel, it is ok with the character and they watched it just for the sake of its role in Avengers End Game. Read More news at Storify News


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