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Methodologies to Build Data Science Careers Irrespective of your Background

The data science world is not just limited to people with a technical background, but, is for anyone and everyone who owns a knack for solving data related queries. The chief feature that makes someone fit for this realm is a sense of curiosity and a devotion to go deep into matters and dig up genuine, useful information.

If you go by the words of DJ Patil, a celebrated data scientist in the United States and the previous Head at LinkedIn’s Data Products, anyone with the aspiration to go beneath exterior of an issue, search for the question inside its heart and finally refine them into a crystal clear, understandable hypothesis which is convenient to be examined is apt for becoming a data scientist.

So fundamentally, it is not really a mandate for a person to be technically-sound in order to enter the doorway of data science. All you need is a sharp mind and the encouragement that keeps the fire alive in you to push yourself each day towards perfection & success. Clearly, it is a great news for those who have not been extensively trained in the technical arena, but, carry a desire their hearts to become a valuable and popular member of the data science community.

The purpose behind this article is to guide people as to how they can create a place for themselves in this dominion and a make a shift from a non-technical field to a technical one.

Let’s begin!

  1. Start your journey by pursuing a Data Science Certification

Establishing data science careers is not supposed to be a tough nut to crack with the presence a plethora of data science certifications that have been introduced especially for those who could not attain knowledge in this zone in the previous stages of their lives. From Cloudera to DASCA to Microsoft, the best companies in the world are offering well-framed, informative data science certifications that have a huge role to play in building prosperous data science careers for tons & tons of professionals all around the world.

  1. Construct an association with a mentor of this sector

For a complete freshman, having a mentor is like finding a beam of light in the darkness. Fundamentally, when you enter a field, it is quite a task to navigate single-handedly and it’s that time when you need a mentor to provide you with guidance.

You just have to make sure that your mentor has a working experience of at least five years. If you do that, it will become immensely convenient for you to create a strong network, you will get an access to a list telling you the do’s and don’ts of the data science industry because any mentor who has stayed in this domain long enough must have seen highs as well as lows and shall have some pearls of wisdom to share with you.

  1. Make a visit to every Data Science Event taking place in your city

Socializing at events is extremely beneficial for knowing what latest information does the industry experts have to disseminate.  Secondly, you get to enhance your networking skills and in the era of social media, it would be unwise to not attend such events, especially, because you never know which new person can be a solid support for your career growth in the future.

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