Microsoft brings new ‘Strikes’ system for Xbox to Check Online Toxicity


Microsoft is unveiling an innovative punitive framework for Xbox devices in a bid to address online toxicity within the player community. This pioneering system revolves around a mechanism called ‘Strikes,’ which is designed to address different levels of severity based on the nature of the misconduct. Each instance of inappropriate behavior will result in a strike being issued, with the possibility of accumulating strikes in cases of repeated violations.

Effective immediately, all players will begin with a clean slate, although any previous sanctions will still need to be served. The strikes will be structured progressively, leading to more severe penalties and bans for those who repeatedly engage in misconduct.

These strikes will remain active on users’ accounts for a duration of six months from their initial occurrence.

The spectrum of offenses covered by this framework varies, ranging from profanity, which constitutes a single strike, to hate speech, which can trigger up to three strikes. In situations where individuals feel that they have been unjustly penalized, they have the option to appeal the decision. If the appeal proves successful, the corresponding strike will be removed from their record.

A single strike could result in a suspension lasting up to 24 hours, while accumulating eight strikes might lead to suspensions lasting up to a year.

Microsoft has provided further insight into this approach, drawing parallels with the demerit strike system used for driver’s licenses in several countries. For instance, a player who accumulates two strikes would face a one-day suspension from the platform, while someone who amasses four strikes would experience a seven-day suspension.

In a recent blog post, the company elaborated, “Players have a total of eight strikes and, once reached, will be suspended from Xbox’s social features like messaging, parties, party chat, multiplayer, and other functionalities for one year from the enforcement date.”

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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