MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch, Lawrence O’Donnell have tense conversation after discussion


MSNBC hosts Donny Deutsch and Lawrence O’Donnell had a sizzling conversation Wednesday night over whether any of the 2020 Democratic contenders onstage during the evening’s main debate can beat President Trump.

Deutsch advised the panel not to “shoot the messenger,” but he stated he did not believe Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., can overthrow Trump in an overall election.

“If we’re true with ourselves and we look tough at ourselves, I think a lot of individuals come to an agreement with me,” Deutsch expressed the panel after MSNBC broadcasted the discussion in Miami. “I also think when you can tag somebody a socialist, 57 percent of this nation thinks that term is un-American. I’m not saying it’s fair-minded. When he [Trump] can blanket Elizabeth Warren as a socialist and he’s before a live audience with her, the Democrats lose.”

When questioned by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace “who might beat Trump,” Deutsch replied by saying the “Joe Biden we want” can, but “no one” on the discussion stage could.

The remark did not sit fine with O’Donnell.

“Let’s just classify this for what it is: clean estimation a year-and-a-half away,” O’Donnell said. “And so, it has, and Donny I say this humbly, nil value.”

“Don’t tell me it has nil value,” Deutsch said back. “It’s understanding human actions. And I promise you 90 percent of our spectators agrees with me.”

“It’s a rough presumption, there’s no skill in it, there’s nothing in it,” O’Donnell stated. “You can put any random name you want in the rough presumption you just made, and it doesn’t make it correct.”

“I’m understanding Donald Trump — the way he’s linking with this nation and the power he displays,” Deutsch doubled down. “We need to convey a powerful strength. It’s not a strategy discussion.”

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