Narcos Season 4 Trailer, Release Date, And Everything You Would Want To Know


Narcos Season 4 : The season four of the much awaited Netflix series Narcos is released by the online streaming giant, and the fans are a little confused about the same. Originally planned as a season four, the series is released as Narcos: Mexico. 

Will the series return for a season 4? 

The simple answer to this question is yes and no. Yes because it is already out there on Netflix for you to binge watch. No, because technically, this isn’t the fourth season. It is more like a parallel series showing you the before events of what you have already seen in the previous seasons. Netflix renewed the fourth season officially and the cast includes Michael Peña and Diego Luna. The production of this new season took place in Mexico City, Mexico. 

A full trailer is available on YouTube, teasing fans what to expect and what to not in this new season. The teaser shows just what’s required for the fans. It portrays the cat and mouse game between the DEA Kiki Camarena and Félix Gallardo. A teaser was released previously showing absolutely no hints about the plot. However, a tragic event have put the show’s future in viability. The location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal was found shot dead in his car in Mexico, where he was searching for the locations to film the next season. Pedro Pascal said that the event was tragic and the show shouldn’t be kept running if it’s not safe. 

What’s in it for Season 4? 

Narcos is all set to hit the reset button with the brand new season. The fourth season will feature all new set of DEA agents and a new drug cartel. Netflix confirmed that the fourth season is all about going back to the roots and focusing on the originals of the modern drug war. The season will show fans the rise of Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s as Felix Gallardo (Michael Peña) takes up the mantle. 

In the last season, we saw Javier Pena put the four Cali godfathers behind the bars. However, in doing so, Pena realized the true depths of the corruption that’s been eating Colombia for long. He uncovered the fact that the Cali godfathers had effectively bought the Columbian government and they have been successful in funnelling money into President Ernesto Samper’s campaign. Also, this was the fact known by the CIA as well as the US Ambassador. 

When questioned whether he would go to Mexico to fight the war on drugs, Pena resigned from the DEA and returned back his home in Texas. In the final moments of the last season, we see Pena standing with his father watching a boat full of smugglers bringing the cocaine into the US. “You can stand here for an hour and you will count 20 of them going by”, his father said before asking him if he would go to Mexico. 


The fourth season of Narcos is already out on Netflix. For all the fans expecting the fourth season to take the story forward, it doesn’t. Fourth season is all about exploring the very roots of this drug war fought badly over many years. 

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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