NASA Poses Female Space Suit Problem Just 3 Days Before The Mission And Hillary Clinton Fires Off Her Response


It was Monday when people on Twitter went nuts on news that didn’t get well received by the women, especially. NASA had scheduled an all-female spacewalk to be executed on March 29, but an uncanny problem is said to have hindered the biggest space agency to go forward with the mission. The organization claimed that they didn’t have properly sized suits for the astronauts. The female astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain were supposed to take up the mantle of the all-female spacewalk, but since both of them needed a medium size hard upper torso, and only one was available, the mission is hanging in uncertainty.

However, NASA did clarify on Tuesday that it has the suits required for the mission, but considering the time constraint and just to be on the safer side, it would be faster and safer to switch Anne for a male astronaut. But the news was taken earnestly on Twitter and even Hilary Clinton couldn’t help but provide a solution to this peculiar problem as posed by NASA. She asked NASA to Make another suit.

One point worth noticing is that the suit problem of NASA isn’t something that has crept up suddenly. NPR stated in a report in 2017, that the space organization has only 11 spacesuits/extravehicular mobility units, all of which were made some 40 years ago. It further quoted that the cost of manufacturing one spacesuit from scratch is $250 million.

What seems, is that it might not be as easy to just make another suit for the astronauts but this is a problem that should be taken care well before when they actually had time to manage things and make any glitch that may hamper their future ventures. But not just before the historic giant leap for women was scheduled.

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Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo
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