Pakistan Ex-PM Imran Khan Returns Home After Arrest, Riots


Lahore, Pakistan: Imran Khan’s Release Marks a Victorious Moment for the Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister, returned to his Lahore residence on Saturday, celebrating his release on bail after a tumultuous period of legal disputes and nationwide protests regarding corruption charges. Khan’s arrest during a routine court appearance on Tuesday triggered violent clashes between his supporters and security forces in several cities.

Controversies Surrounding Khan’s Detention

Hours before his arrest, Imran Khan faced criticism from the influential military, whom he accused of involvement in an assassination attempt against him. The Supreme Court declared his arrest on court premises as he prepared to file a bail application as unlawful on Thursday. However, Khan remained in custody until Friday when he was granted two weeks’ bail in the corruption case. The Islamabad High Court also ordered that Khan could not be arrested before Monday in any case.

Legal Battles for the Opposition Leader

Since being ousted from power in April last year, Khan has been entangled in a series of legal allegations, which is a common occurrence for opposition figures in Pakistan. Khan expressed his dissatisfaction with the treatment he received, stating, “The head of the country’s largest party was abducted, kidnapped from the high court, and in front of the entire nation.” The protests that followed his arrest were seen as a reaction to this mistreatment.

A Triumph for Khan and his Supporters

Despite the challenges he faced, Imran Khan’s release was met with jubilation from his supporters. Videos shared by his PTI party showed a gathering of over 100 celebratory supporters at his Lahore residence, showering his car with rose petals. Supporters believe that Khan’s commitment to truth and his perseverance will ultimately lead to victory against corruption. However, some supporters expressed concern that the establishment would continue to target Khan in their efforts to maintain their corrupt practices.

Unrest and Consequences

Following Khan’s detention, several thousand of his supporters took to the streets, resulting in violent protests, arson attacks, and clashes with the police. The unrest claimed the lives of at least nine people, with many more injured. Over 4,000 people, including 10 senior PTI leaders, were detained by the authorities. The interior minister has vowed to re-arrest Khan, but the restoration of mobile data services and access to social media platforms suggests a gradual return to normalcy.

Khan’s Defiance and Political Landscape

Imran Khan has launched a campaign of defiance against the military, which holds significant influence over domestic politics and foreign policy in Pakistan. Khan has accused the coalition government of colluding with top generals and has made explosive claims regarding an assassination attempt orchestrated during his campaign. Challenging the military’s authority is a rare occurrence for Pakistani politicians, given its history of staging coups and ruling the country for extended periods.


Imran Khan’s release from custody marks a triumphant moment in his ongoing struggle against corruption charges. The nationwide protests and clashes following his arrest reflect the strong support he enjoys among his followers. As the country moves closer to the upcoming elections, the political landscape in Pakistan remains tense, with Khan’s popularity posing a significant challenge to the establishment. Only time will tell how these events will shape the future of Pakistani politics.

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