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Pawning a Phone is Different from Pawning Other Items

For those strapped for cash, a visit to the pawn shop may be a good option. A pawn shop can help with short term loans on many items; however, this usually includes valuable items like high-end electronic equipment, an SUV, motorbike, jewellery, and even expensive phones. Thus, those wishing to pawn their phone need to use a search term “Pawn my phone”.

For those wishing to pawn their phone, it is necessary to be aware of the security issues about doing so. Besides being functional, a good phone is also a symbol of status and can fetch a good value. The better a phone and the more popular the brand, the more money one can get for pawning it.

This article contains valuable information on the necessary steps one must take prior to pawning a phone of any kind. Hence it is a must read for those wondering how to “pawn my iPhone”.

Process of Pawning a Phone

  • The first step is to make sure you are aware of all the features of your phone.
  • Do not be impatient to pawn a phone to the first pawn shop on the search results after doing a search like “pawn my phone”. The phones these days have a long list of features including a top of the line camera, large storage space, large screen, etc.
  • A good place to start when getting to know the features is from the documents that have come along with the phone. The main features that one should be aware of include the brand name, model, your carrier like Verizon, storage limit, extended storage limit if available, type of camera, etc. Besides this, it is necessary to check the condition of a phone and make note of any wear and tear on the device.
  • It is essential to check the current market value of your phone prior to pawning it. Check the pawn value of the phone which can be obtained from several sources online as well as locally.
  • Pawning a phone can lead to a security issue since it is likely to contain a lot of sensitive data including emails, photos, and other documents depending on how you use a phone.
  • Thus, it is best to play safe and first wipe a phone clean of all personal data and registrations. This can be registration with a Google ID for an Android phone or Apple ID for an iPhone mobile device.
  • It is a good idea to make a backup prior to wiping so that you do not lose any important data.
  • Restore factory settings on a phone to fetch a better value. Doing so will restore a phone to its original state and make sure there is no fixed setting or additional features activated.
  • A phone that is unlocked will fetch a better rate since then it is not limited to a certain carrier and there are no additional limitations either.
  • Almost all phones are likely to have a set of document that came along with it and a few accessories as well. Presenting a phone along with the original documents, accessories and an original box is also likely to affect the price.

It is likely you may have pawned an expensive Tag Heuer or Rolex watch in the past which is likely to have been as simple as walking to a pawn shop and going through the process of a store. An expensive watch like that fetches a good amount and usually, there will nothing more to it than handing it over along with all documents.

Similarly pawning a car may be also quite simple since it is not likely to have any information stored in it. Pawning a phone, on the other hand is very different from other items. A phone is exclusive to an individual and contains their personal data. It is also likely to contain ID information as well.


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