PM Candidate Michael Gove Says It Is Better For Britain To Leave The EU With A Deal


Michael Gove, environment minister and who is also running as the Prime Minister candidate trying to succeed Theresa May said on Sunday that Britain is capable of surviving a no-deal Brexit. However, it would be better for it to leave the European Union with an agreement.

At the Hay Festival while he was being interviewed by BBC host Nick Robinson, Michael said that he would be laying out more details of his plans once he kick starts his campaign officially. A number of other Prime Minister candidates apart from Gove said on Sunday that Britain must leave the European Union Commission on 31st October with or without a deal.

On asking why a no-deal exit is not what he is promoting for, Gove said that in the government and the job he do, he has made those grips for a no-deal and that it is a possible outcome. However, even though they will be able to get through with a no-deal, it is better for them to secure a deal first and then make the exit in an orderly way.

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Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo
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