Power Management and Energy Management: The Difference and Similarities


Difference – 

A Power Management System, in short, refers to an integrated system that includes power meters, a unique power management system, and power mitigation equipment. Power management is primarily concerned with the functions of electrical reliability or availability. It is easy to say that power availability, reliability, quality, and manageability are key components of critical power buildings

Whereas on the other hand, Energy Management Systems are more related to the cost-saving aspect and also inculcates existing energy-related streams, which essentially analyse & interpret the power distribution systems across all energy-related aspects of a building, keeping in mind the cost-saving and energy efficiency perspective.

Similarities – 

The primary overlaps between Power Management and Energy Management relate to the need for reliability, availability, quality, and efficient cost-saving. Especially in the current era of the Internet of Things, the function of Power Management comes into play in the role of management in smart buildings and smart building automation. The integration of data transparency, web-based control, and automation is on course to transform smart buildings to a notable extent.

Building management offers the opportunity to work with service technicians to actively enhance equipment functionality and performance. This, in turn, allows manufacturers to augment the overall customer experience and satisfaction through the process of predictive maintenance – which measures an equipment’s faults on a real-time basis and simultaneously offering insights future product development.

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An Energy Management System then enables cost-effective and productive employment of the above-mentioned systems of automation, smart buildings, and predictive maintenance. A Power Management System helps administer and employ new-age functions while an Energy Management System ensures the productive and cost-reducing performance of these functions. 

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