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Prince Harry Got an Oura Ring

The royal couple has been hogging the limelight in the different news. The royal wedding, the pregnant highness, and now there comes an oura ring in Prince Harry’s hand.

The couple is on their Australia trip when they share a picture at Bondi beach in which Prince Harry is wearing this ring. The oura ring is not a usual ring carved with diamonds, but it is a sleep tracker ring as well. The highness Meghan Markle has already been an influence of many brands through her different attires, and it seems that the Prince also does not want to lose any chance either.

As the Prince’s any accessory has always been a topic of discussion, this oura ring not loses any attention either. Soon the mystery to know whether he was gifted or he purchased himself emerged. The mystery emerged to so much extent that the Oura’s inbox was bombarded with a lot of emails. No wonder, the royal family can influence their presence with a ring worth $299.

According to the oura ring, the ring tracks sleep of the wearer by measuring the blood volume pulse and detecting the amplitude and intensity of your body movement through a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope. The ring can be configured with Alexa or google home to track or know the fitness status anytime. The process of tracking and eventually improving the sleep status is known as biohacking.

This event not indirectly is a big day for the oura. Due to the royal endorsements, the Oura has got a whole new level of popularity and if it was a gift from the Oura to the Royal Prince, then it was probably the best marketing strategy to grasp all the attention to ring because without the royal’s involvement to seek so much attention is next to impossible. However, it remains a mystery yet to be disclosed.

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