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Queen of The South – Fashion Review

This American crime drama television series premiered in 2016. It is an adaptation of the novel by the same name which was written by Spanish Arturo Perez-Reverte.

The second season started in 2017, with the third following in 2018. The fourth season premiered in June 2019.

Sandra Avila Beltran was one of the real- life characters on which the novel was based. She was originally known as the ‘Queen of the Pacific’ and became famous because she was one of the first female drug traffickers to attain the status of ‘boss’ in the Mexican cartels. That title is normally reserved for men only.

In the series, the main character Teresa Mendoza is played by Alice Braga. She is a poor woman from Sinaloa, Mexico. Teresa becomes very wealthy after she begins to build a vast drug empire.

Doña Camila Vargas, played by Veronica Falcon, becomes the head of the North American branch in Dallas, Texas. Isabella is her daughter.

Kelly Anne Van Awken played by Molly Burnett is a Dallas socialite who joins Teresa’s inner circle. 

The fashion scene in the Queen of the south has changed over the years that it has been aired with Camila seen sporting a glamorous red cowl midi dress and Teresa looking casual and smart in a black cowl off shoulder top.

Blazers were in the forefront with Teresa wearing not only denim but a selection of smart jackets covering her skimpy tops.

Kelly Anne looked great in cami tops of all colours, notable was her snake print cami under her blue blazer.

As the evenings cooled down Kelly donned cashmere sweaters and black leather moto jacket. One of her outfits that was particularly stunning was the beige crochet maxi dress.

Throughout the third season Camilla seems to have favoured reds and blacks and can often be seen wearing combinations of these colours in either dresses or skirts and tops. The red split sleeve dress she wore enhanced her hair colour.

Isabella opts for print dresses and tops and carries them off to perfection as they suit her age perfectly.

As we head into season queen of the south season four, we watch online as the fashions change. Episode 1 sees Teresa moving to New Orleans and swaps her white traditional business suits for white motorcycle leathers.

While blazers and jackets still play a major role in the fashion scene of the season, they have gone more upmarket and sophisticated. We see our heroine wearing a beautiful beige wool blazer and a navy inverted collar blazer. The white leather biker jacket ensures that while she looks sophisticated, there is still an element of danger about her.

Camilla keeps up with the fashion in her own way sporting a black cold shoulder dress and later a black asymmetric bodysuit. Black and red are still her favourite colours.

Kelly Anne still favours camisoles and tank tops, wearing a knitted tank to advantage. Her blue folded sleeveless dress for the evenings sent viewers wild with delight. No doubt this dress was in great demand as it flattered her perfectly. Her green button cuff top was perfect for evenings and casual wear.

As season four draws to a close we see Teresa wearing jackets and blazers of all styles. She wears them well and they flatter her figure. From the green army jacket to the navy inverted collar blazer this girl has style as well as attitude.

To sum up

Fashion on the Queen of the South have moved along with the styles of the day in real life, keeping up with the trends and sometimes setting them. The series was filled with amazing clothing as well as accessories all of which the general public were rushing out to buy as soon as they hit the markets. No doubt any good dressmaker was in great demand to knock up some of the designs.


With Camilla looking glamorous, Isabella charming and Kelly Anne delightful it was left to Teresa to maintain her hard front while still wearing stunning creations. Hats off to the designers! 

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