Relation Between Data Governance Methodologies And BPM


A relation between data governance and business process management is hard to overlook. With a surge in the data-driven business, data governance has reached the pinnacle. Both the technical realms and the businesses have explored the boom of methodologies, training courses, and the target systems. However, there is a major gap that is yet to be resolved. Despite a firm warning or caution, little attention has gone into the things that can create or destroy the initiatives of data governance making it a recipe for failure. For now, the two most crucial points on which success depends are enterprise architecture and business process management or BPM.

  • Loopholes to Overcome

In a bid to establish the data governance methodologies and system, you cannot ignore how a system needs to serve a process and has to be governed or controlled as well. Not only is it important to choose the correct system for effective implementation, but you must have a detailed determination how the system is going to impact all the processes, the involvement of the processes, and the time. You have probably heard these questions before as they are also commonly asked in data governance.

Several aspects such as impact analysis, accountability, tractability and control also surface in data governance. Data sets are not significant on their own but acquire it in the perspective of the users, the way in which it is used and who uses them. The information about the users and their way of utilising the data is described clearly in the processes that generate, use and manipulate the data. Quite clearly, data governance is not going to be successful when you implement the methodologies unless you are familiar with the processes.

  • Identifying the Breach

After capturing the data lineage successfully, certain things become clear such as the meaning of the data sets, the way in which they are connected and who is responsible for them. Now imagine a scenario where a breach occurs, but the answers to the questions above cannot clarify how the breach has occurred, and why or how it has occurred. The only thing you can derive from the answers are the other things that have come under the effect of the breach and those who can manage the layer of data. However, the breach is likely to occur again unless the process failure is properly addressed. Taking an in-depth look at the Data Governance Consulting Firms allow you to understand which one to pick for managing these issues.

  • Understanding Usage of Data

When you know where the data is used and the processes that manage and use it, you can identify the exact source of the failure easily and instantly. Right from data lineage, it is easy to locate the source and the destination process along with the consequence of data throughout the organization. Apart from this, you can also find out how and which processes need to change and anticipate the impediments in the daily operation along with the cost of addressing or mitigating them.

  • Reestablishing the Business Process Management

Today, the organizations require an easy-to-use and a simple BPM system that provides easy access to different layers of the organization right from the top level of business architecture down to data. Even though several organizations may have a few solutions here and there and some of them worthy enough, nothing is going to work eventually making it necessary to rethink the approach.

  • Modern Scenario

The modern BPM systems are easy to use, flexible, and adjustable for supporting different layers at the same time thereby allowing the users to begin working in their comfort zones and gain maturity as they work towards meeting the goals of the organization. Apart from this, the processes must be shared in a concise and open manner that is consistent enough so that people can put their queries, present their feedback to make the process of information management stronger than ever. It is normal for the professionals of data governance and business process management to bump into each other within an organization when there are two systems of governance. However, it is better to have one method of governance with professionals from business process and data management. In other words, the business processes must be competent and unified within the organization to make the data governance methodologies truly effective. Read More news at Storify News

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Mike Brown is an News Editor at Storify News Times - Understand the Breaking News He is an India journalist lives in California, United States. He has worked at several news networks in his career. He specialises in reporting about editorial, advertising and general management topics for World News Publishing Focus, as well as contributing content to the website.

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