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Remembering Daniel Cormier’s double championship in 2018

It will not matter whatever that Daniel Cormier had accomplished in his illustrious career in the past, but there was one thing which he had not done. He had not yet defeated Anthony Johnson two times. In the last few years, Cormier had almost established himself to become one of the greatest mixed martial champions ever. But the most prolific accolade that he was looking for ways to beat Jon Jonas in two matches. People felt that Cormier would perhaps be a champion as Jones had been absent for such a long period due to his suspensions and at times other legal problems. However, in 2018 all of this would finally change.

Breaking the negative critics

In this year, Cormier would finally break free and defeat these negative critics. Cormier knocked out legendary UFC player Stipe Miocic in UFC 226 which was held in July to become the new UFC heavyweight champion. Miocic is regarded by many to be one of the greatest heavyweight champions, and Cormier defeated him with amazing efficiency. He got a short and swift right hand from the clinch and made people think in amazement as to how the thirty-nine-year-old pulled that off.

Winning over Miocic

Winning over Miocic meant that Cormier had become one of the most talked about legends in MMA. He accomplished something that Jones could never do, and that was becoming the UFC double champion. It was only Conor McGregor who had earlier held two championships from two different classes of weight simultaneously and at the same time. Cormier became only the fifth UFC player to hold two championships from two different weight classes at the same time in the history of UFC.

The light heavyweight championship in July of 2017

Jones had earlier gone on to knock Cormier out to once again win the light heavyweight championship in July of 2017. At that time it appeared to be that Jones would always get the better of Cornier. However, just after in the next month there was an inquiry, and it was revealed that Jones could not pass the routine drug test. Thus Jones’ victory was overturned, and the match was declared to be a no contest.

The federation and governing body of UFC took the championship belt from Jones, and it was put right back on the former champion Cornier. Then in 2018, Cornier went on to win the heavyweight championship too and thus became a double champion.

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Mixed martial art is an emotional sport where people compete for their pride. Cornier willing the double championship made him regain the respect that some people had taken away from him. It was easily one of the most touching moments of 2018 to see Cornier hold the two belts together. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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