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Republican Kemp Resigns as Georgia’s Secretary of State

Republican Brain Kemp has resigned as Georgia’s secretary of State on Thursday a day after his campaign said he gained enough votes to become the Governor of Georgia, though his electoral rival is not conceding anything.

Russ Willard the Attorney of Georgia with the attorney general’s office announced the resignation in Federal on Thursday morning. Russ William said that Brain Kemp has delivered his letter of resignation to the Governor Nathan Deal on Thursday at around 11.59 am. The state also stated that Brain Kemp will not perform election related duties on Thursday.

The announcement was the result of a scheduled hearing for a lawsuit were in five voters from Georgia asked for Brain Kemp’s barring from the election duties he would be otherwise performing as the state’s chief election officer in any of the forthcoming elections.

The Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams has pointed towards the ballot boxes that are yet to be counted and said that there is possibility of a December runoff.

In an interview with WSB Radio on Thursday, Brain Kemp assertively said that he and his campaign were declaring victory as it is not possible for the Abrams to garner enough votes which can lead to a December runoff.

Abrams’ campaign claims that they are still uncounted votes and they require getting up to fifteen thousand votes for a December runoff. They continue to accuse Brain Kemp of inappropriately using his current post of Secretary of State.

“We are declaring victory,” Ryan Mahoney an aide of Brain Kemp told the reporters on Wednesday after a day of the campaigns, media reporters waiting for information on outstanding votes across Georgia.

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