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Republicans are Hitting Through More Judges – by holding hearings when everyone is out of town

The Senate might be in a break until after the midterms, but Republicans aren’t giving up when it comes to judicial nominees.

Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley demanded on holding a confirmation hearing for six federal judges on Wednesday, even though he and the majority of the committee weren’t able to attend it. Most of the senators have now returned home to either complete campaigns for the midterm elections or take care of other state-related businesses. In the course of hearings, the only lawmakers who were available in the 21-member committee were the Republican Sens. John Kennedy (of LA), Orrin Hatch (of UT), Ben Sasse (of ME), and Mike Crapo (of ID).

Democrats stressed that this arrangement means that they will not have an opportunity to effectively look upon the slate of nominees who are being considered, some of whose activist groups have flagged as controversial. Republicans don’t seem to care about that.

Since Republicans have the Senate majority and are expected to keep it, they’re able to handle judicial nominations though they look fit enough. However, Democrats do have some source to help them, notes which have a progressive activist familiar with how these processes will work. The activist also asked not to be identified by name to share some wider thoughts on the subject.

To further register their opposition, Democratic senators may attend these hearings or submit a bunch of written questions for the nominee, as the activist said. They also can spurn the committee markups when the nominees are considered as an object to broader unanimous assent agreements to confirm these nominees when they reach the Senate floor.

They would show up, however, that Democrats have tried their best to at least put up a good fight when Republicans have no doubts doing so themselves. As per activists, this move by Republicans shows how they can do anything for their judicial arms advances. It is time that Democrats fight back harder.

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