Review: Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Is A Messy But Satisfying Conclusion


Avengers Endgame Movie Review : The culmination of 21 movies has led the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its fans to the mega event called Avengers: Endgame. Ever since the infamous decimation in Infinity War left the audience in a state of dilemma and wanting for more, fans were eagerly waiting for this movie. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost everyone knew how good a movie it would eventually be. And now when it has finally made it to the big screen, reviews are flooding across the internet.

If you are a hardcore Marvel fan or even a regular Marvel follower who has had the opportunity to watch every single movie prior to Endgame, this will provide the closure to the ten years of storytelling. The movie has everything Marvel is famous for. From stunning CGI to breathtaking action sequences, the movie has it all. Endgame also touches every human emotion and keeps you engaged at all times. You will laugh, cheer your heart out, cry, and even jump off your chair while you are in the theatre.

What you will like most about the movie is the way they have spent time with each character, something that they didn’t prioritize in Infinity War. Also, you will love it how one moment the audience is cheering and the other moment, there is dead silence in the theater. As far as the story is considered, yes, Avengers eventually win the battle. But what they lose has bothered the fans much more than their win over Thanos. You will understand why Iron Man and Captain America are the best Avengers. You will understand the relations between the Avengers. As the movie approaches its climax, you will see the loose threads from the past movies tightening with each passing scene. It is that good a movie.

Trust me, it is the kind of film that you won’t see coming in the next 5-10 years. If you really watched the endgame trailer then Go for it while you have the chance.

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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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