Revolution Season 3 : Likely Release Date, Updates and Spoilers


Revolution Season 3 : It is widely known that Revolution, the Sci-fi tv series that depicts the events set in a grim, post-apocalyptic future, has been cancelled after the airing of Seasons 1 and 2. The series is set in the year 2027 when the world is going through a huge turmoil following a blackout that had brought about the collapse of all existing systems fifteen years prior. The series opened to mixed reviews initially, and with time it failed to generate enough positive feedback which would enable it to be renewed for a fresh season.

Revolution Season 3

However, most television series have a dedicated fan following, no matter how niche, and Revolution has proved to be no exception. The first two seasons of the show had considerably long runs, with a total of 42 episodes between them, but just when the makers of the show were planning to do something different for Revolution Season 3, it was announced that the show had been cancelled by NBC. This evidently caused outrage among fans who were eager to find out the fate of the show. And so in an unexpected move, fans started a petition on Twitter asking the creators to either renew the show or relocate it to another channel. This amount of outrage is perhaps understandable, considering the fact that the Season 2 finale was basically a cliffhanger.

Revolution: The Background

The events of Revolution Season 1 kick off after the earth’s power system has collapsed, putting a permanent stop to how the world functions in the present day. Everything from transport to communication has stopped and several militia groups have assumed power over certain areas while survivors are still trying to adjust to a world without electricity. At a time like this, members of the Matheson family are in possession of something that could provide the answer to all of the questions regarding what caused the blackout in the first place. It may even be able to reverse its effects. However, several power hungry forces are in pursuit of the object which they may be able to utilise to promote matters of self-interest.

With Season 2, however, viewers saw a considerable shift of focus from what they were used to in the earlier instalment. The events of the second season follow six months after those of the first, and the introduction of self-willed nanites added a new sci-fi element to the show.

Revolution Season 3: Release Date

It is largely uncertain if we will get to see the third season of Revolution the same way as the last two. However, it is significant to note that the aforementioned petition started by fans has gathered a considerable number of votes that call for the show to be brought back. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, has confirmed that the plot of Revolution will be taken forward in the form of a four-part digital comic-book series that would be posted online, which, he assured, would satisfy viewers who crave to know how it all ends.

Still, it is not what fans wanted. Going by what Eric Kripke had to say about how Season 3 was being planned, fans were expecting something big. “It was going to be great. It was gonna be this kind of treasure story where they were going to hear a legend of a very mythic treasure. It wasn’t gonna be gold, it was gonna be supplies. It was gonna be this incredible stockpile of supplies. All the good guys and all the bad guys in the show were going to fight for this gold mine of material and supplies. It was going to be fun. It wasn’t going to be a war season. It was going to be a treasure hunt season, which would have been fun and mixed up the show in a really interesting way,” said Kripke.

Obviously, all this would look more realistic as a tv show rather than a comic book series. Fans still hope that the petition will be able to garner enough public interest to influence NBC to reconsider the future of the show. If there is an official announcement, we will be sure to update. Read More News at Storify News

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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