“Russian Doll” Season 1 Netflix : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Reviews


Release Date

A new series comes to Netflix on the 1st of February 2019, this show comes to the subscription-based streaming OTT service in February.

Russian Doll released on Netflix?

The full eight-part series will be present on Netflix from Friday 1st February 2019.

Russian Doll Season 1 Trailer

Russian Doll’s trailer is available online and would give viewers a taste and feel of what this series talks about and we sure you’d want to keep watching.


Russian Doll Netflix Cast

Russian Doll has quite a number of casts, we have been able to list a few of them: 

  • Natasha Lyonne- Nadia (appeared in just 2 episodes)
  • George Aloi- Party Guest (he appeared in 7 episodes)
  • Elizabeth Ashley- Ruth (she actually appeared in 5 episodes)
  • Brendan Sexton III- Horse ( appeared in 4 episodes)
  • Tawny Sorensen – Bartender (appeared in 2 episodes)
  • Stephen Adly Guirgis- Peter (appeared in 2 episodes)
  • Charlie Barnett- Alan (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Greta Lee- Maxine (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Albert Bonilla- Professor (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Whitney Devlin- Cindy Sherman (appeared in 5 episodes)
  • Jes Davis- Madonna (appeared in 5 episodes)
  • Jeremy Bobb- Mike (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Jocelyn Bioh- Claire (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Emmanuel Lopez Alonso- Waiter ( appeared in 1 episode)
  • David Cale- Dr Daniel (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Market Regine Cosico- SAG Park goer (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Rebecca Henderson- Lizzy (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Molly Kiernan- Hostess (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Maria-Christina Oliveras- Harriett (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Tatiana E. Rivera- Lucy (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Lina Sarrello- Italian Tourist (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Mirirai Sithole- Audrey (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Brooke Timber- Young Nadia (appeared in 1 episode)
  • Chuck Taber- Pedestrian with the car (appeared in 1 episode)


Russian Doll Netflix Plot

Russian Doll tells the story of a game developer  (Nadia) in her 30s(36 years precisely)  living in New York who died at her own birthday party, however, the suspense-filled and surprising thing is that she woke up in her friend’s bathroom and finds herself reliving the party repeatedly and also dying in each occurrence only to come back to life and the party moment lingers.

Now she is stuck in her 36th birthday party for a very long time and she had to go through a lot of mental trauma, not to mention having to relive the same moment over and over again however Russian Doll is a bizarre, funny and devastating series ready to hit the world wide web in a couple of days.


Russian Doll Netflix Reviews

The kind of genres to classify Russian Doll is totally up to the viewer as when you initially begin it looks like a comedy show, and as you progress into the movie one begins to notice how it begins to shift into drama with some bizarre revelations, jokes, and questions asked but we can assure you that you would be brought to tears either laughing or moved by the plight of Nadia (star character).

Any further information we give would be regarded as a spoiler and we wouldn’t want to ruin this series before it hits the web. Read More Netflix news at Storify News

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