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Safe Traveling: 8 Excellent Cars to Protect Your Life

Safety is one of the most important things in our life – everyone wants to minimize the level of risk. Of course, this is especially concerns cars, because in case of possible accidents, safety options play crucial role in saving lives. Therefore, when choosing Thrifty USA rental car for traveling, the level of its safety is the most important aspect that must meet modern requirements. So, 8 safest cars for traveling include the following models…

8 Excellent Cars to Protect Your Life

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross opens the list of the safest cars. As reported by Euro NCAP Standard, this compact crossover took second place after Volvo for the protection of the driver and passengers! Mitsubishi achieved such a result thanks to advanced electronic systems. However, it should be noted that the developers of Eclipse Cross could do better in terms of the level of child protection. Undoubtedly, the overall results are good, but there is still much to strive for!

Volvo V90

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Volvo V90 continues the list of the safest cars! The car also received 5 stars according to Euro NCAP Standard and is considered to be a safety standard for full-size station wagons. V90 is stuffed with all kinds of electronics, which not only minimizes damage during a collision, but also tries to prevent an accident at all! However, the safety of the car is not only means the safety of life and health of passengers! Also, it’s important not to harm pedestrians, or to reduce damage to the minimum possible value. Therefore, V90 provides 76% protection when collided with people. Volvo has made a significant contribution to the development of automotive safety and set global standards!

Kia Stinger

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Koreans know how to make cars at affordable prices, and with a good safety system! Kia Stinger is a vivid example of these cars. Euro NCAP Standard has put 5 stars to Stinger! The car is fully stuffed with all kinds of sensors that prevent an accident. Kia Stinger is equipped with an active hood, which will soften the blow with a pedestrian in case of a frontal collision! Recently, the Koreans have made a significant breakthrough in the automotive industry and Stinger is the best confirmation!

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

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The list of the safest cars wouldn’t be complete without Mercedes-Benz! In the summer of 2017, the company from Stuttgart expanded its lineup with a four-door pickup. We must say that this is Mercedes’s debut performance in this segment. It’s difficult to say whether the new X-Class managed to create a worthy competition, but what the Germans really did better than others was the level of security! X-Class received 5 stars by Euro NCAP standards. The car shows the best driver protection, adult passenger and child among all pickups. Mercedes worked on the tracking systems and equipped the new car with all the necessary functions. The nice thing is that the entire set of safety systems is available in the basic configuration.


Jaguar F-Pace

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Jaguar F-Pace is a medium-sized crossover that is gaining a fan base. Despite the legends about the low reliability of the British concern Jaguar Land Rover, F-Pace provides a decent level of protection. Modern electronics makes the car an example of a balanced work on safety, although F-Pace doesn’t have any record values.

Subaru XV

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Nobody has forgotten about the Japanese automakers! Why do we love them? Everything is simple: the car offers great reliability, ease of maintenance and, of course, perfect safety! So, the new Subaru XV, despite the fact that this is a small family car, is gaining the maximum number of points in terms of child protection! Euro NCAP Standard rated the level of driver and adult passenger protection at 94% and put 5 stars for overall safety! Even in the basic configuration, XV is already equipped with all the necessary options to prevent an accident.

Volkswagen Arteon

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The next representative of this car safety rating is Volkswagen AG. It should be noted that the Germans are in no way inferior to the Swedes. The new Volkswagen Arteon has the highest level of protection in a collision with a pedestrian! Volkswagen was able to achieve this result thanks to Front Assist autonomous emergency braking technology. Protection of the driver, passenger and child is at a high level. Euro NCAP Standard rated the safety of the car with 5 stars!

Volvo XC60

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Volvo XC60 closes the rating of the safest cars! In addition to reliability, the Swedes pay great attention to the protection of their cars. The company has set a goal to make the safest cars in the next 5 years, and Volvo XC60 mid-size crossover is a striking example. The car received 5 stars on Euro NCAP Standard! XC60 is equipped with such modern safety systems as emergency braking, lane departure warning system, speed control and much more! All these features helped to get a record performance in the level of protection of the driver and adult passenger. XC60 has a high degree of protection for children aged 6-10 years. Read More Articles at Storify News.

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