Sarah Sanders is taking an exit from the White House at the end of June


Sarah Sanders, the White House media secretary who’s recognized for offering confusing statements in protection of the president, is legitimately leaving her post, according to a Thursday tweet from Trump.

Sanders, one of the longest-serving communications representatives for a leader who most frequently speaks for himself, will be leaving at the end of the month.

Sanders is the up-to-date high-profile departure from the Trump White House and seems to be parting on fairly optimistic and constructive terms, given the effusive acclaim promoted by the president in his tweets, which comprised a call for her to run for governor of Arkansas.


Trump mentioned to her as “a very different person with extraordinary talents” and said she’d be “fantastic” as governor.

That remark didn’t come out of nowhere, according to CNN. Sanders has apparently said her upcoming plans could comprise hopping into the state’s gubernatorial race, though the next open election wouldn’t be until 2022.

Sanders’s working experience is one that’s been well-defined by her rigid defense of Trump, uncountable variations in the statements she’s made to the media, and the increasing sparseness of White House press briefings.

Amongst the subjects that Sanders is known for two-faced about: She alleged that many FBI agents

had lost assurance in FBI Director James Comey’s management prior to his firing. She shared a superficially doctored video to validate the White House’s verdict to rescind CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials, and she appealed that Trump had never helped or encouraged violence.

Sanders first took on the role after Sean Spicer’s departure in 2017 and has assisted in the position for closely two years. She’ll leave the role later this summer.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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