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Spy on a Black Worker after a Racism Complaint was made in a Luxury Goods Firm

A tribunal found out that a luxury brand Richemont store has racially discriminated and harassed one of its employees at workplace. The luxury brand has also hired a “Covert Surveillance agency” to spy on the woman who made a complaint of racial discrimination.

The tribunal found out that in May 2016 the colleagues and the members of staff of the firm have refused to enter the lift with the claimant as she was a black. The cctv footage also showed the hesitation of the members of staff not entering the lift, but the staff had denied these allegations.

According to the tribunal there were many instances where the claimant was discriminated based on race at her workplace. She was given only three days of compassionate leave owing to the death of his brother while her colleagues and other staff members are generally given several for a similar situation.

After a three week long prosecution the tribunal found that the luxury store Richemont had a “blind spot” about the issues of discrimination based on racial community. The organisation had a recruitment process which discriminatory towards black people and subconsciously biased towards employees with European background.

The worker who complained against Richemont applied for a senior position on the organisation but was rejected and a person with Spanish branch of the store was offered the position. Similar situations aroused with positions in the organisations. Post judgement one of the claimants Spragg said “I am scared right now. I simply wanted to do my job, get on with my colleagues and be treated fairly.”

The compensation for the claimant will be pronounced in forthcoming hearing which is yet to be determined by the judicial tribunal. Read More News at Storify News

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